Villa opulence in an exquisite loft style apartment

The finest, most luxurious apartments have the ability to offer the comfort, style, space and privacy of a true villa. Of these there are many fine examples in a place such as Marbella, so it is truly special when you can say of a property that it is singularly attractive and, quite frankly, unique.

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DOM3 Prize Marbella Architecture

DM Properties is a sponsor of the 1st DOM3 Prize in Marbella

The past few years have seen a marked design shift in Marbella, moving from modernised interpretations of classic Spanish country styles enhanced with Asian and Moroccan influences to a clean, white-plastered interpretation of modern architecture that is beginning to have a real Marbella feel about it.

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Marbella Sea View from a pool

Beachfront, the ultimate Marbella view

Times, tastes and styles may change but the ultimate Marbella home remains a beachfront property. This classic location, location, location truism is as true of Marbella as it is of any other place famous for its seaside setting, and besides the actual proximity and ease of access to the beach it is all about the stunning sea views that come with a frontline beach location.

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Marbella’s widening client base

Those of you familiar with it will know that the luxury property market in Marbella has traditionally been dominated by Spanish and British buyers, and to a lesser extent the Dutch, Germans and Scandinavians. However, recently property experts have noticed that the buying public has become increasingly diversified in this sun-drenched part of the world, by which we mean that there has been more interest from international buyers in hitherto unexplored markets.

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Pia Arrieta Morales

DM Properties Marbella interviewed in Tribuna Express

DM Properties’ Director Pia Arrieta was recently featured in an article by Tribuna Express, which reported on the rise in the Marbella real estate market and the important contribution made to this renaissance by Russian buyers.

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The most important part of a Marbella home

Phrase the above as a question and you will get a great many different answers. Some will say the kitchen, traditionally not only the warm, lively place where food is kept and made, but also the social hub of the house. It’s good to see that the modern kitchen has made a full comeback in importance and is again a favoured place to cook, eat, chat and relax, but in general it’s too cold and uncomfortable a place to really let your hair down.

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A positive outlook for Marbella’s Real Estate Market in 2014

It’s been a while since we’ve been able to say this, but it is with a real sense of optimism that we look forward to the new year. To be honest, things have been looking up ever since the local economy turned a corner in 2012, and now a strong tourist industry and rejuvenated property sector are once again filling Marbella with an energised can-do atmosphere.

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Stunning Contemporary Jewel in Cascada de Camojan

Modern Architecture in Marbella: Designer Villa

Just recently there has been a distinct trend in Marbella – as elsewhere – towards modern homes that feature the latest in architectural design and technology. In some cases this has given rise to modernist jewels, but as is often the case with new trends there are also many homes that are a little ‘samey’. When following a design movement of this kind it is easy to lose the character and individuality of a property, surely one of the most important features of a luxury home.

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A good end to 2013 for Marbella

As we enjoy the last few days of the year and look forward to the arrival of 2014, it’s reassuring to know that the future is looking bright for Marbella. One of the reasons for this optimism is that we have ended 2013 on a bit of a high note, thanks to good results and lots of encouraging news over the past months. Anyone paying attention to local newspapers will no doubt have spotted a series of articles that suggested a full recovery from the economic downturn could be on its way. For starters we had the welcome news that the European Central Bank lowered its base rate to 0.25 per cent.

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Villa with fireplace in Benahavis

Chestnuts burning on an open fire…

In spite of the long summers and generally mild climate of Marbella, fireplaces are a popular feature of homes in these parts. You will see them in villas, apartments, townhouses and penthouses regardless of age, price range and architectural style. Indeed, these wonderfully ambient features span the range from rustic or classical homes to contemporary and downright avant-garde.

18/12/2013 :: DM News and Articles
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