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International press focus on Spanish Real Estate

This has not gone unnoticed by the world’s press and the country’s real estate sector has become the subject for an ever growing number of positive reports in international publications identifying Spain as being ‘on the up’ once again. The latest of these has appeared in respected British online news site The Telegraph* in an article headlined Sun shining on Spanish property market again, and quoting DM Properties’ partner Frank Knight.

In the report by Saundra Satterlee, it was pointed out that an organisation of the stature of the International Monetary Fund has congratulated Spain for a ‘remarkable rebound in economic activity’, adding that overseas property buyers were returning to the country in numbers. Of those, by far the most important in terms of volume remain the British, with significant numbers from Germany, France and Scandinavian countries as well, according to recent figures from the College of Property Registrars (Registradores). A total of 14.4% of all real estate sales in Spain during 2015 went to overseas buyers and of those 21% went to Britons, with sales to foreign residents growing 12% in the last quarter of the year.

Positive forecasts for Spain’s economy

Other sources also confirm the thrust of The Telegraph article, in which Kate Everett-Allen of Knight Frank International Residential Research said: “Spain’s economy is recovering well with GDP growth forecast to reach 2.5 per cent in 2016, outperforming the UK and Germany.”

She added that the UK’s upcoming ‘Brexit’ vote was just one factor influencing the market right now. “While the referendum will undoubtedly influence buyers’ decisions when looking to purchase in Europe’s key second home destinations, it will be one of several factors they will consider, including underlying market conditions.” With all major economic and property consultancies predicting a positive year, it would appear that whether or not the UK remains in the EU, the Spanish property market will continue to grow.

Pia Arrieta, of DM Properties, commented: “The Telegraph’s report highlights the fact that it is the luxury sector that has been driving this growth—something DM Properties has been all too aware of in Marbella, where high-end real estate has been in great demand. Indeed, in Marbella this section of the market was the least affected by the global financial downturn and the first to recover.”

Should you be seeking to join the increasing number of people looking for a home in Marbella, please contact DM Properties. We have many years of experience specialising in the sort of top-range villas and apartments that are proving so popular in today’s market.

Modern, comfortable and sustainable Tue, 17 May 2016 07:41:53 +0000 New concepts make it possible! A home that is comfortable, stylish and luxurious but also environmentally friendly seems too much to ask for, like having your cake and eating it. Too often in life we have to compromise and weigh one advantage off against another. The truth is, this is no longer the case. You don’t have to sacrifice exclusivity and refinement if you also want your property to be environmentally clean.

Modern, comfortable and sustainable property

Modern materials, technologies and construction techniques are creating a new concept in house design that can incorporate all the above, making it a win-win situation. The Passive House, as it is called because it hardly needs active heating or cooling, can be a little more expensive to build – about 0 to 10 per cent more than a conventional property – but in exchange you live in a high quality home that is not only more comfortable and healthier, but also kinder to the environment and far more energy-efficient – and therefore much cheaper to run.


Saving energy is at the heart of an environmentally friendly property, for the goal is to produce as much own energy as the house consumes. In such a case the property is said to be nearly energy-neutral, and the Passive House institute, the German-based organisation that has become the international reference in the promotion and development of energy-efficient construction concepts, can issue an official certification to all properties that come within an accepted range of being energy-neutral.

“This is done in two ways,” says Katrin Falck-Szenessy, a Passive House designer who recently constructed the first officially certified villa in Andalucía. “Firstly, by reducing energy loss, and secondly by producing renewable energy.” Heat loss in winter and the usage of unnecessary air-conditioning in summer are the greatest forms of waste in conventional properties, damaging nature and the pockets of homeowners alike. “A Passive House uses the latest technologies to ensure proper insulation, using not damaging chemicals to achieve this but modern construction materials, quality airtight sealing and fresh air ventilation systems.”

Passive house

The result is a home that is comfortable, well built and free of unpleasant draughts and mould. What’s more, by not just insulating walls and windows but also using automated systems such as curtains and blinds that close when a room is hit by the full force of the sun, you avoid both the loss of heat and overheating. “Using intelligent systems of this kind, combined with quality modern construction techniques, ensures a comfortable, constant temperature within the home throughout the day and the seasons. This takes away the need for intense heating and air conditioning, and results in huge energy savings.”

The second part of the process is reducing dependence on damaging and costly forms of energy by making the house capable of producing its own energy. “We have such an abundance of free solar energy here that investing in solar panels makes perfect sense,” says Katrin, whose villa close to Mijas can be near energy-neutral in terms of hot water, heating and electricity thanks to the efficient building envelope, the installation of thermal solar panels and geothermal heating and cooling systems. Everything is prepared to install photovoltaic panels as well. “We have a back-up grid supply, but are largely self-sufficient, which has brought the property in balance and saves us a lot of money on energy bills.”

AK Arquitectos

Katrin, a German architect who worked as a consultant for Shell Solar advising manufacturers, designers and construction companies on the best ways of integrating solar systems into their projects, has teamed up with Argentinean-born architect Alejandro Ramos-Alvelo to establish AK Arquitectos. The architectural duo is one of the exciting new ones in the region because it is leading the way in developing a new concept that will enable homeowners on the Costa del Sol to make of and benefit from its most famous resource: sun.

AK Arquitectos

“Solar energy is not new here, but underutilised, and combined with the construction technologies and philosophy provided by the Passive House concept it has the capacity to revolutionise the design and construction industry in this region,” says Alejandro, who emphasises that the more efficient way of doing things is not necessarily more expensive and certainly does not demand any compromise on style, design, size, amenities or luxury. “Quite frankly, saving money on running costs and keeping the environment clean as you build your dream home makes too much sense not to seriously consider it.”

For more information, contact Katrin or Alejandro at AK Arquitectos, and

New regulation for holiday rental properties in Andalucia Mon, 09 May 2016 10:10:21 +0000 A new law on holiday properties rented out for periods of up to two months comes into force on 11th May 2016.

New regulation for holiday rental properties in Andalucia

Property destined for short-term holiday rental purposes has been designated with a new legal status dubbed ‘holiday home accommodation’. It falls under the responsibility of Spain’s Autonomous Communities, which regulate the rental industries within their jurisdiction. Here, we analyse the legal status, established by Decree 28/2016, and tax liability in respect of value added tax (VAT). The new law sets out the requirements that homeowners should meet, the obligation to hold a license as well as any penalties and fines imposed for non-compliance.

Property rental not only has the purpose of offering a long term permanent home to tenants, but can also cover temporary needs, as in the use of properties for tourism purposes and short stay holiday rentals.

In Andalucía the 28/2016 Decree, dated 2nd February, was recently published in the Official Gazette. It comes into force on May 11th and regulates the renting out of property as tourist accommodation for a period of less than two consecutive months a year, which is a very common activity in Andalucía. The law defines tourist properties as those that provide private accommodation for holidaymakers, along with hotels, tourist apartments and rural properties. It is aimed at protecting the rights of both tenant and occupant, and at avoiding unfair competition and damage to other tourist operators.

One characteristic feature for a property to be considered as tourist accommodation in Andalucía is that it is offered on the market and promoted through tourist channels, such as travel agencies, companies that mediate or provide tourist services and web pages that include a booking option. In these cases whoever operates the property for tourism purposes (which may be the owner or any other person with whom a relationship has been established, e.g. the beneficial owner or someone enjoying the usufruct of the property), must file a sworn statement of responsibility to the relevant local office. This statement must include the identification of the property, the owner’s details and address for notification purposes, those of the person who services the property, and the title of his relationship with the owner in the case of an operator. Following this, the property will be registered in the Tourism Registry Office of Andalucía. The owner of the property assumes responsibility for its operation.

This tourist accommodation service may involve the rental of the whole property or extra rooms, depending on the capacity of the provisions of the licence of first occupation. The limit is set at fifteen people in the case of an entire property and six people in the use of spare rooms; in both cases a maximum of four people per room is fixed.

The tourist property offered must meet the following requirements:

a) Have a first occupancy licence.
b) Direct ventilation of the rooms and shading of the windows, unless the building is a listed or protected building and these works cannot be carried out.
c) Have sufficient furniture and basic household ware for its immediate use by all occupants.
d) Cooling system in the months of May to September and heating from October to April, supplied via fixed devices. Protected or listed buildings are also exempt from this.
e) First-aid kit.
f) Provide tourist information of the area, as well as a Complaints and Claims book that must be available in a visible place.
g) The property must be cleaned prior to the arrival and departure of new occupants.
h) The property should be equipped with kitchenware and two sets of bedding and linen, sufficient for the number of places that are offered.
i) To provide telephone numbers in case of emergency.
j) To provide manuals or instructions for the use of devices and electrical appliances.
k) Inform clients of the rules for the use of the facilities, pets and smoking restrictions.

The relationship between the operator and the occupant will be formalised in a duplicate document, which must contain the name of the person or service provider of the property, the registration code number entered in the Andalusian Tourism Registry, the number of people that are going to occupy the property, the dates of arrival and departure, the total cost of the stay, as well as a contact telephone number in case of emergency. The operator must keep the document for at least a year and it has probative value for administrative purposes.

The service should include water, electricity, cooling and heating, cleaning upon arrival of clients, and the use of kitchenware, bathroom and bed linen.

The duration (the start time and end of the occupation) will be determined in agreement by both parties. Alternatively, the day of arrival starts at 4.00pm and finishes at 12.00am on the day of departure. The person in charge should be present at the property or arrange in advance to hand over the keys. Rental rates are left to the discretion of both parties, as well as conditions relating to reservations, advance payments and cancellation fees. If not specifically set, however, the standard provisions of the new law will be applied.

The law establishes general provisions regarding the rights and obligations of both parties. Special emphasis is made regarding cohabitation rules. In the case of non-compliance of these rules, the service provider may request that the client vacates the property within 24-hours. In relation to the ‘right of admission’, it is forbidden to restrict access based on the individual’s age, race, gender, religion or any other personal/social circumstances.

Concerning infractions and penalties, the terms of Sector I are to be applied, although Decree 28/2016 makes special mention of illegal activity. Illegal activity is considered to be the advertising in any media form or the provision of tourist services without having made the required declaration of responsibility. This is considered a very serious offence and can be punished with a fine of between 2,001 and 18,000 euros, and additionally suspension of the business activity or closure of the establishment for up to six months.

A transitional period has been established, so that the owners of rental properties have one year from the enforcement of Decree 28/2016 to adapt themselves to the requirements as stated in the provisions of Article 6.

Finally, if the service is offered according to the requirements set out in Decree 28/2016, the activity of tourist accommodation is considered exempt from Value Added Tax (VAT/IVA). However, VAT tax will be applicable if the property offers additional hotel services such as reception or permanent and on-going customer care, periodic cleaning of the property and changing of the bed and bath linen, laundry services, luggage storage, press delivery, reservations service, etc.

Rafael J. Cantero Castillo (LL. M.).

Welcome to our best DM Properties website ever! Fri, 06 May 2016 11:23:02 +0000 As the internet has developed over the past few years, the way we interact with it has undergone a dramatic change as more and more of us have taken to using handheld devices to access online information and services.

Welcome to our best DM Properties website ever!

While desktop computers and laptops are still important, the increasing popularity of smartphones and tablets, means that businesses such as DM Properties need to keep at the cutting edge of technology in order to help prospective buyers access our website in a fast, easy to manage manner, wherever they may happen to be.

While many older websites may play correctly on bigger screens and the greater processing power of desktop computers, these are now dated, with not enough thought put into the user experience when accessed on smaller devices.

Slow page loading—particularly of high resolution pictures—can be an annoying experience and it reflects badly on the professionalism of the business in question.

For this reason we have completely redesigned our site—not that there was too much wrong with it to start with! But we do recognise that a company of our standing needs to showcase the properties of our clients in the best way possible—and that means a fast, secure site that is a joy to use on every device.

Our web designers started from scratch to ensure the Diana Morales Properties site is fully functional whatever device you are using. By completely redesigning the website with all code re-written from first steps, we have made sure its mobile-first structure ensures all information is available all the time—not something some older websites permit on hand-held devices. Too often information is hidden to try to speed up loading times on websites that are actually only optimised for desktops.

By doing this, and incorporating the latest design trends and newest technology, we have ensured our site offers a user experience that is as fast and friendly as possible, without losing any features and still featuring high quality pictures—all vital for marketing property effectively. All images and videos are presented as large as possible for the screen, being automatically adapted in Full HD, but ready to go 4K when it becomes the de-facto standard.

Clients marketing their properties through us will recognise the importance of internet visibility, which is why we have worked so hard on the site. We have managed to achieve a 10% SEO performance increase by implementing a new internal site structure that maximises every single piece of content when it comes to Google visibility. Our team will constantly monitor the site to maintain and improve its already impressive search engine rankings.

The DM Properties site has been built with the aim of being the best performing property website on the coast, making it a must for anyone wishing to buy or sell a high quality villa, apartment, penthouse or townhouse in Marbella.

Simply put, the site is fast, easy to use—and it looks great too!

For those owners serious about selling their home, DM Properties is the proven option for results in Marbella’s luxury real estate segment. Contact us and put us to the test.

La Zagaleta: best of the best Wed, 04 May 2016 15:59:48 +0000 Of the luxurious country club estates to be found in and around Marbella the one that can be said without a doubt to match the standards of the most exclusive in the world is the Club de Campo La Zagaleta.

La Zagaleta Country Club

This hill club, nestling in the foothills of the Sierra Bermeja mountains that rise up from the coast before merging into the Sierra de Ronda in the spectacular interior of Andalucía, has become the location of choice for filmstars, international sportsmen, successful businesspeople, nobility—in fact what could be classed as the cream of society—when looking for a home near Marbella.

The other country club estates in the area, such as La Quinta and El Madroñal, offer their own cachét and many attractive features to draw your attention along with many highly desirable properties, but none are quite as exclusive as La Zagaleta.

Security within nature

With only two entrances, this former private hunting reserve that encompasses a series of natural valleys within its ten square kilometres, offers the sort of privacy that only a gated community with 24-hour security can guarantee. This is much prized by residents, who are also protected from prying eyes by the extensive green zones that surround each of the expansive plots. It is a truly special place for those seeking tranquillity away from the stresses of the modern world, with nature and wildlife nurtured within its environs. Indeed, deer can sometimes be seen on the hillsides and within the wooded groves that are dotted across the countryside, while eagles soar on the up draughts formed in the pure mountain air.

As is to be expected and in keeping with the country club concept of its founders, the range and quality of sporting facilities available to residents is of the very highest order. Two immaculately maintained championship golf courses, an equestrian centre offering tranquil cross-country riding trails and a racquets club provide the opportunity for healthy outdoor exercise, while an exclusive clubhouse with a quality restaurant, bar, meeting lounge, private function rooms and swimming pool, serves as a focus for the estate’s social life.

Villas for sale in La Zagaleta

The villas for sale here—there are no apartment complexes—are some of the finest to be found not just in the Marbella area, but anywhere in the world. Built to the most exacting standards, utilising the finest materials and designed by some of the best international architects, they not only have every imaginable amenity within expansive private grounds, but also benefit from stunning coastal vistas across the Mediterranean to Africa. La Zagaleta is truly a byword for a luxurious country club lifestyle.

Diana Morales Properties has a handpicked selection of some of the finest villas and plots for sale in La Zagaleta. Please contact us for more information, and we can discuss your requirements.

The best frontline golf areas in Marbella Tue, 26 Apr 2016 09:21:28 +0000 For many who come to enjoy the uniquely benevolent climate and sweet lifestyle of Marbella it is not in the first instance the beach but rather golf that draws the attention. Lovers of the game as well as those who simply love owning a home that looks out over the pristinely kept fairways – perhaps with a backdrop of mountain and/or sea views – keep this a highly popular property option in this sunny part of Europe.

Stylish frontline golf villa facing Los Naranjos Golf course

As specialists in luxury Marbella homes, DM Properties can offer the best selection of frontline golf villas and apartments in the most attractive areas. Here is a summary of the most popular luxury frontline golf locations.

Las Brisas

Situated at the heart of Nueva Andalucía’s Golf Valley, Las Brisas is one of the most exclusive golf courses in Spain. Popular with players from across Europe, its championship course skirts beautiful subtropical vegetation bordered by luxurious villas. If you love golf, style and elegant homes that offer the very best of Marbella’s outdoor lifestyle, this is the place to be.

La Quinta

Where Las Brisas is a peaceful residential area close to Puerto Banús, La Quinta is a hill club estate on the northwest edge of Nueva Andalucía. Here an attractive verdant golf course provides players and residents alike with a spectacular visual contrast to the foothills of the Serranía de Ronda, which rise all around. The area, which also features a luxury five-star spa hotel, combines architecturally styled villas with a small collection of spacious apartments and townhouses.


The hilly terrain of La Quinta stands in contrast to the level coastal terrain of Guadalmina Baja, one of Marbella’s classic upmarket addresses. In this well-established area large private villas stand on spacious plots, many with impressive views over the beautiful parkland golf course – the only one in Marbella that features a links section.

Río Real

For the ultimate combination of luxury and golf east of Marbella, Río Real offers upmarket villas and apartments overlooking one of the most attractive green fairways of all. This area is peaceful and select yet close to Marbella town, shopping, beaches and nature. The course forms the focal point for the luxury residential complexes that line it, including spacious attached homes that are closer to villas than townhouses.

La Zagaleta

If you want a truly exclusive – and private – golf property, then La Zagaleta is the logical choice. The lucky inhabitants of this select gated private country club not only enjoy some of the very finest golf views framed by gorgeous mountain and sea scenery, but they don’t even have to share it with the public in this members-only environment. The large villas and mansions here are set on expansive grounds that form part of a natural paradise at a few kilometres from Marbella and its shoreline.

Diana Morales Properties has a selection of the very finest villas and apartments in these exclusive areas—please contact us and we can help you find the perfect home for your requirements.

An estate between mountain and sea in Marbella Tue, 19 Apr 2016 08:01:55 +0000 People speak of La Zagaleta, El Madroñal and Sierra Blanca, but the finest view of all is a well-kept secret.

An estate between mountain and sea

On the road from Marbella to Istán, in an idyllic setting between mountains, lake views, verdant hill country and the most stunning vistas of the sea, lays a refined estate ensconced within earthly beauty. This private domain of 5.7 hectares occupies a largely level land in an elevated position that takes in all the beauty and splendour of its surroundings.

To the north are the ridges of the Serranía de las Nieves, a protected nature reserve, to the east the curvature of Marbella’s La Concha Mountain, to the west the waters of the Istán lake, glistening in the sun with the peaks of the Serranía de Ronda rising up behind it, and to the south the Mediterranean Sea.

From the many perspectives to be enjoyed from this marvellous estate – be it on a terrace, by the pool or strolling through the manicured grounds – you could easily imagine yourselves in the Southern Alps, yet in this ‘Alpine scene’ one would have to include other landmarks, for on clear days the eye travels straight across the sea to Gibraltar and North Africa.

Silhouetted against the sky in ever-changing hues of blue, orange, pink and, ultimately, black, their outlines form a regular companion from the many vantage points the estate offers. An exquisite country estate with the very best credentials, this property offers the ultimate combination of chic rustic living combined with a location just minutes away from Marbella and Puerto Banús.

An estate in the true sense of the word

Close enough to drop the kids off at school, shop or head off for a game of golf, this is nonetheless a sizeable estate set in beautiful country scenery. The driveway, which winds its way through natural pine and olive groves, leads on to a large forecourt in the classical tradition. It provides access to the domain’s three properties: the main home, a second villa and a guest villa.

An estate in the true sense of the word

Between them they cover a built area of just under 3,400m2, with almost 600m2 of terraces and a total of 13 bedroom suites, two private pools and sufficient parking facilities for the entertaining a property such as this is just made for. Extending between these three properties are the beautifully kept grounds that bind the villas into one magnificent country estate on the edge of Marbella.

Main mansion

The main property is an elegant and imposing home conceived and decorated with style, personality and savoir-faire. Step through the grand entrance door and you enter a classical courtyard whose proportions, artwork and furnishings hold a distinctly Asian enchantment made up of Indian and Oriental elements.

Proceed into the reception rooms and you realise this is a property belonging to someone with the confidence to design her home around her personal taste and sense of wellbeing. A long-time resident of Marbella, she left the highly exclusive beachside area of the Golden Mile to create a refined labour of love in this spot.

“I fell in love with the setting and it all flowed from there,” she says. “From then on it was a question of creating a home where my family and I, our friends and our guests could feel happy surrounded by beautiful things and above all, the beauty of nature.” Whether it is the orientation, the setting, the views or the layout and décor of the villa, but a true sense of wellbeing pervades.

The main open-plan living area is large enough to include a salon, a cosy family room with bar, a formal dining room, private office and a card table, yet so well designed that each of these areas is also intimate and welcoming in itself. From here one can proceed to the expansive terrace – with its lounge and dining areas, not to mention breathtaking views of the grounds and the surrounding countryside – to the elegant guest suites and ground floor master suite, and to a country style kitchen where you simply want to spend as much time as possible.

Salon, a cosy family room with bar, a formal dining room, private office and a card table

In addition to a working, open-plan country kitchen this space also includes a dining room, a wonderfully comfortable lounge – as elsewhere with a grand classical fireplace – and a private terrace with its own take on the vistas. It is not unlike a beautifully styled apartment in its own right, but then so is the master suite on the upper floor, which offers a gorgeous bedroom and terrace, a walk-in changing room, an opulent bathroom with some of the best views in the property and a private little cooking area that negates the need to walk ‘all the way down’ to the main kitchen.

A cinema and entertainment room with bar, once again conceived and decorated around the idea of sheer joie de vivre, offers a fresh take on the genre, while the many different terraces connect with the rolling greenery of lawns that cascade gently towards a rather impressively positioned infinity edge swimming pool and deck with its own cabana.

Other properties

A blend of Andalusian and Tuscan architecture is added to with Provençal-style shutters in all three properties, with the second home a truly impressive and spacious villa in its own right – complete with large, luxurious living spaces, a top range kitchen, elegant bedroom suites, a panoramic swimming pool set in beautiful gardens and a multi-car garage.

The third property, also discreetly positioned to ensure optimal privacy and independence, is a charming smaller villa with the same standard of taste and quality in its lounge, kitchen, bathrooms and welcoming guest suites.

Set in a private domain surrounded by natural beauty and magnificent views yet conveniently close to Marbella, this is an estate with no equal in this region.

The Golden Mile: still the best address in Marbella Thu, 14 Apr 2016 15:19:47 +0000 The new country club estates in the mountains surrounding Marbella may be increasingly attractive to a wealthy international homebuyer, but many of the most sought after and desirable properties in the town remain on the Golden Mile.

The Golden Mile still the best address in Marbella

It was on this stretch of real estate between Marbella town centre and the luxury marina of Puerto Banús that the reputation of the town as a five-star resort for the jet set was first established, and it remains the location of some of the very best addresses in Marbella.

The exclusive urbanisations fronting the long sandy beaches and those nestled on the gently sloping hillside leading down to the shore were what first attracted Arab sheiks, European royalty, Hollywood stars and successful businesspeople to the town, and these locations retain their considerable appeal.

Private villas offer Marbella lifestyle options

The sumptuous villas found here are set in extensive landscaped grounds offering privacy and tranquillity, while being just a short step from the lively lifestyle options Marbella and Puerto Banús have to offer those lucky enough to live here.

The spiritual centre of the jet-set lifestyle remains the place where it all started—the Marbella Club Hotel and its sister resort the Puente Romano. These internationally renowned hotels offer the very finest dining, spa and leisure facilities as well as classy nightlife options that continue to set the standard for the town’s luxurious lifestyle. But they are not the only dining and leisure options to be found on the Golden Mile—far from it. Many more fine dining restaurants, luxury leisure facilities and designer label boutiques and jewellers can be found in this wealthy part of Marbella.

Sierra Blanca villas for sale

Villas and apartments, either on the beach side of the main road or in nearby exclusive urbanisations like Sierra Blanca, Nagüeles and Camoján, have been built to match the area’s five-star resorts for luxury and elegance, ensuring the enduring popularity of the Golden Mile with a discerning international clientele.

Diana Morales Properties has a selection of some of the most desirable real estate for sale on the Golden Mile, as well as in all of the most sought after parts of Marbella and surrounding areas. Please contact us for a consultation and we can discuss your requirements.

Russians making a return to Spanish property market Wed, 06 Apr 2016 13:01:23 +0000 Following a period in which the number of Russian visitors to Spain dropped dramatically—mainly due to the value of the Ruble to the Euro halving—2016 looks to be the year they will make their return to the costas.

Russians making a return to Spain

In January alone—traditionally the quietest period—the number of Russians arriving at Málaga-Costa del Sol Airport was up 23% on the same month the previous year and now tourism bodies are forecasting 2016 to reach the record levels last seen in the first three years of the decade. The Russian Association of Tour Operators has reported bookings to Spain as being up 34% in all. This is viewed as good news for Marbella as Russians are some of the highest spending visitors to these shores and are known to appreciate the upmarket charms of the resort.

This increase in tourism can in part be credited to the Junta de Andalucía’s tourist board, which seeing the worrying downward trend of the past two years put in action a drive to attract more Russians to the region. It involved representation at around 20 events in Russia to highlight the culture and visitor appeal of Andalucía, including a display by the Royal Andalusian School of Equestrian Arts, which had never visited the country before.

Important investors in Marbella real estate

Russians have been important investors in the Marbella high-end real estate market in recent years, and still lead the way in applications for the so called ‘Golden Visa’ programme, which gives right of residency—and with it travel access to Schengen agreement countries—to those who invest a minimum €500,000 in property.

Latest figures show that Russian investors accounted for 35.1% of applications under the scheme, spending €327.9million since its inception in the latter half of 2013—much of that in high status resorts like Marbella. With visitor numbers on the increase, it can be expected that the profile of the resort town as a luxury destination for real estate investment will be raised further in Russia, and with it property sales in this important sector.

The significance of this nationality to the area is evidenced by the businesses catering to this market. The Casa Rusia commercial centre, with its restaurant, business centre and movie/cultural theatre is a very visible hub for Russia in this part of Spain, while galleries, artists, musicians and fashion designers from Russia have increasingly made Marbella and Puerto Banús a ‘home from home’.

Taken together with advance bookings from other European countries, plus investment plans worth hundreds of millions from various luxury resort companies, the future looks bright for Marbella and its real estate market. Diana Morales Properties has been at the heart of the top-end property scene in the area for many years now. Should you need advice regarding investing in Marbella please contact us—we are sure we can help.

Marbella offers value in luxury homes market Wed, 30 Mar 2016 12:10:02 +0000 While major global cities such as London and Hong Kong have been at the forefront of the global high-end property market, there are signs that international buyers are beginning to look elsewhere for their real estate investment—and this could be good news for Marbella.

Marbella offers value in luxury homes market

The sort of Ultra High Net Worth Individuals interested in the exclusive range of properties valued in the millions are particularly worried by the effect—and expense—of UK Chancellor of the Exchequer George Osborne’s new higher rate stamp duty, which sees tax rates of up to 15 per cent on property values above £1.5 million.

London luxury real estate at top of cycle

Indeed, British national newspaper the Daily Mail recently showed how the price of properties at the highest end of the scale in the UK has slumped, with big discounts offered on asking prices as the effects of the stamp duty rise begin to be felt. The stamp duty is, in fact, the final part of a process that has seen the overheated London luxury real estate market peaking and beginning its cooling off period. In a separate report, respected international news consultants Bloomberg revealed that off plan sales in London have slumped by 19%, affecting mainly up-market condominiums.

Meanwhile, the demand for luxury developments in Hong Kong has also dampened, with high pricing being a concern. Both London and Hong Kong look to have passed the top of their respective cycles as investors look elsewhere for value.

And this is something that Marbella can offer. Its luxury residential real estate is increasingly being seen as a good investment as the steady gains made over the past few years continue. The finest homes in the best areas of Marbella have been enduringly popular with investors, but this popularity has long since spread across the town’s residential landscape thanks to a combination of quality homes, enviable lifestyle and the kind of value that ensures a good purchasing price and great prospects for capital accumulation.

Marbella real estate an attractive investment

The attractiveness of Marbella and the Costa del Sol as an investment vehicle through high end developments has been evidenced by the recent €50 million purchase of beachfront land in Las Chapas by Platinum Estates as the first step in a €200 million five-star hotel resort and luxury villas scheme. Up until now the majority of the company’s investments have been in its Hong Kong base and London. The owners of La Zagaleta Country Club in Benahavis have also shown their commitment to the area by buying Sotogrande’s Valderrama golf course, including the Valderrama 2 project for an exclusive country club estate, while Chinese company Wanda has also shown an interest in investing in the Marbella area.

Hot on the back of this come reports that the Saudi based Cayan Group has announced their expansion into Europe with a joint venture to develop a project in the Costa del Sol, although the exact location has not yet been disclosed.

Diana Morales Properties has seen over the past few years how demand for luxury villas and apartments in Marbella has continued to grow, with demand for new build homes and prime areas particularly strong. Should you be interested in purchasing quality real estate in Marbella please contact us to discuss your requirements.