The Costa del Sol Property Market Matures II

Share Diana Morales | Feb 1 2007

Spring is in the air, and with the occasional rainfall to freshen things up the Costa del Sol is more beautiful than ever—lush, green, sunny and warm. It’s certainly a great time of year to visit and make the most of golf, sunshine and beautiful scenery.

Read more about how the Costa del Sol’s property market is maturing and how the end of the property boom is good news for those looking to buy in or move to the region. There has been quite a lot of negative press lately, but in reality a government crackdown on fraudulent activities in the market can only be a good thing, as it shows the Spanish authorities are serious about bringing a greater degree of responsibility and transparency to this important sector.

With its climate, lifestyle and facilities the Costa del Sol remains a leading international destination for property buyers, and now is the best time in years for those searching for a quality property and solid long-term investment in this part of Europe.

Start of the Feria Season

This time of year traditionally sees the beginning of Andalucía’s famous feria season, one of the highlights of which is the carnival in Cádiz—Europe’s largest—where thousands come together in a riotous celebration of dance, colourful costumes and singing competitions judged not so much by their musical value as by the humorous wit of their lyrics. This weeklong festival in the charming setting of historic Cádiz is a fitting way to kick off the first of many great Spanish ferias and fiestas.

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