DM Properties sponsors “Verano Clásico” concerts

Share Diana Morales | Jul 26 2011

The organisation Música con Encanto, also known as the Centro de Divulgación Musical del Mediterráneo, is a body that plays a vital role in promoting culture and music on the Costa del Sol.

It is often argued that while this is a stylishly hedonistic region it is also lacking in cultural depth and finesse. As more people from increasingly diverse backgrounds started settling in Marbella and its surroundings on a permanent or semi-permanent basis, however, the interest in promoting art and culture increased too. Man cannot live off bread alone, and even partying has its measure. As social, intellectual and emotional beings we sometimes need something deeper; a beauty that speaks to us on a profound level just as it entertains us in a direct, sensory way.

III Festival Internacional de Piano

Música con Encanto plays an important role in this, as it brings major local, national and international musicians and artists to our doorstep and treats us with a consistently high level of art and entertainment. Summers feature highly on the Música con Encanto programme, and this summer is no different, having been dubbed ‘Verano Clásico’. Honorary president of the III Festival Verano Clásico this year is none other than Daniel Barenboim, the Argentinean-Israeli conductor who has achieved acclaim not only for musical genius but also for his ongoing efforts to spread reconciliation and understanding among Israelis and Palestinians on an individual, human level.

To have such a great man lend his name to this year’s summer programme is an honour indeed, and the line-up for the season does it proud, with an offer of classical music, independent cinema and modern light music that makes this one of the most important festivals of its kind in Europe and attracts many of the biggest names in the business. The festival officially kicked off in July, and DM Properties are proud to offer their support and patronage to this worthy undertaking.

daniel barenboim

The two concerts sponsored by DM Properties involved The Classical Evening on Thursday 14 July and The American Evening on Friday 15 July. The classical evening at the beautiful and suitably elegant Sala María Cristina in Málaga got underway with the presentation of the Cinco Ondas de Plata award to maestro and conductor Daniel Barenboim, followed by a performance of La Noche Europea by the Schostakovich Ensemble. The theme of the two evenings, which featured, celebrated and juxtaposed the music of Europe and the New World, saw the Lisbon-based Schostakovich Ensemble focus on the works of Beethoven, Janácek and Schumann, while the famous Cuban jazz pianist Chucho Valdés was also honoured with the Cinco Ondas de Plata award before his compatriot, piano virtuoso Adonis Gonzalez, dedicated the Friday performance to the sounds of Gershwin, Cervantes, Lecuona, Villa-Lobos, Fariñas and Ginastera.

The chance to enjoy such top-level music in the classical ambiance of the Sala María Cristina is a privilege indeed, and proof that culture and sophistication are alive and well on this coast, thanks to the wonderful work of Música con Encanto, who we are honoured to support in their endeavour to bring quality entertainment and art to our part of the world.

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