Villas for sale in Sierra Blanca, Marbella

Share Diana Morales | Oct 14 2011

Sierra Blanca is characterised by imposing villas and mansions set on large private domains that populate the gentle but steady gradient on the lower foothills of La Concha. The famous La Concha Mountain that so iconically surveys Marbella from its 1300-metre perch is in fact a part of the Sierra Blanca range, and the mountain that the luxurious Sierra Blanca residential area backs on to.

Though the private grounds are usually meticulously landscaped in the formal park style or with lush sub-tropical species, the streets and other public areas of Sierra Blanca are covered with the beautiful umbrella pines that naturally occupy this spot and are still untouched in the protected sections of Sierra Blanca.
Properties vary from luxurious mid-sized villas with a discreet sprinkling of ultra-luxurious apartment complexes to real estate that can best be described as significant mansions set on expansive estates. Marbella’s beaches, town centre and also Puerto Banús are all within a 10-minute radius.

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