The unique attraction of a penthouse in Marbella

The unique attraction of a penthouse in Marbella

Share Pia Arrieta | Aug 16 2018

As property specialists in and around Marbella are already aware, this Mediterranean town punches well above its weight in the range and diversity of homes available, from golf apartments to world-class luxury villas set in splendidly landscaped gardens.

The unique attraction of a penthouse in Marbella

There is one type of property that has come into its own in recent years, however, and that’s the luxury penthouse. If you’re yet to be convinced of the practicality, as well as prestige, of such a property, we’re here to help you see the light!

Maintenance made easy

For many clients seeking exclusive property, the choice falls between a penthouse and a villa – each very different propositions. A penthouse offers convenience and far less upkeep than a private villa, which will require at the very least pool maintenance and gardening services. Known as ‘lock-and-go’ properties, penthouses offer unparalleled practicality for owners who are looking for a holiday property or enjoy frequent travel with long periods away from home.

Exclusive amenities

The uppermost apartment often benefits from features that others in the building will not, including larger floor space, wrap-around balconies, breath-taking views and increased privacy, with most exclusive complexes also offering a fitness centre that includes a fully-equipped gym and sauna.

It goes without saying that the lack of upstairs neighbours is a great advantage, as there is no possibility of heavy footsteps or high heels disturbing the night’s peace, as well as no-one to overlook your terrace while you’re partaking of the Mediterranean sunshine.

Location, location, location

Penthouses offer a style of urban living that, against all predictions that city-living would lose its appeal, has in fact become ever more popular. For families, convenience of services and schools are a real advantage, while for couples with families who have flown the nest being close to amenities as well as bars and restaurants make a welcome change after years of family life in a house in the suburbs.

Why not see for yourself? Contact us to arrange viewings of some of superb Marbella penthouses for sale.

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