DOM3: Event sets focus on rising demand for luxury properties in Malaga City

DOM3: Event sets focus on rising demand for luxury properties in Malaga City

Share Pia Arrieta | Apr 28 2022

More than 300 architects and real estate professionals attended a conference focusing on luxury real estate trends and the future of Malaga City.

DOM3: Event sets focus on rising demand for luxury properties in Malaga City

The event named “4th Strategic Forum DOM3: Málaga & Marbella; architecture in perspective” was organised by DOM3, a Marbella-based association of entrepreneurs and professionals from a variety of sectors involved in high-quality housing, including DM Properties as one of its members. According to a press release from DOM3, interest in luxury homes is on the rise in Malaga city.

This trend was further confirmed, they say, judging by the numerous architects and professionals from the real estate, construction and similar sectors who attended the event, which was held at the Edgar Neville Auditorium in the city. The event also served to study and discuss the architectural transformation that is taking place in Malaga City. The event was presented by Francisco Oblaré, the Provincial Deputy for Development and Infrastructure for Malaga along with DOM3 president, and landscaper Laura Pou.

Speakers included architects such as César Frías, from Morph Estudio, Fuensanta Nieto from Nieto Sobejano, Álvaro Carrillo and Ramón Esteve. They spoke of a mixture of types of architecture, revealing some of the most emblematic projects they have carried out around the world. The discussion table, which was more focused on local architecture and projects underway in the city, was made up of:

  • Renowned Malaga architects José Seguí and Salvador Moreno Peralta
  • DOM3 architect Paco Guillén
  • President of the Malaga Port Authority, Carlos Rubio
  • Councillor for Tourism and Promotion of the City, Rosa Sánchez
  • Director of real estate development at Caixabank, Daniel Caballero.

DOM3 President, Laura Pou said that over the years the cities Malaga and Marbella have not paid much attention to each other, but she says that “this has to be reversed because both areas complement each other.” She added that what is lacking in the western part of the Costa del Sol is more than complemented by what Malaga City has to offer.

Architect Álvaro Carrillo addressed the third presentation on ‘vernacular architecture’, a type of regional construction, using traditional materials and resources from the area where the building is located. When thinking about design, Carrillo stressed the need to take into account the environment where the buildings are located. In the final presentation, architect Ramón Esteve spoke about residential architecture, exhibiting the latest works of his studio (Ramon Esteve Estudio) in different parts of Europe and the Middle East, highlighting the craftsmanship involved in luxury housing.

One of the most anticipated events of the day was the debate table, which counted with the participation of the guest architects, the councillor and the port authority representative. At the debate they addressed how the city is seeing a trend toward a higher profile of construction than previously seen. Caixabank’s Daniel Caballero revealed that despite current macroeconomic concerns, the bank is optimistic and expects to see continued growth in Malaga City. DOM3 architect, Paco Guillén, talked about how Marbella and its surroundings have been the place traditionally chosen by foreign buyers of luxury property. These homes, he said, differ from traditional homes due to their exceptional design, craftsmanship and cutting edge facilities such as are required, and expected by this profile of buyers.

Now, he added, high-end buyers are looking at Malaga for homes with similar qualities and high standards, and we must ensure we these can be delivered. Malaga architect, Salvador Moreno Peralta, said that true luxury is dependent on how a space is used, in being able to achieve the sense of ‘home’ and knowing how to make it a place for living, “and not a car park for people or a showcase for ostentation.”

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