Las Torres, a private corner of the Golden Mile, Marbella

Share Diana Morales | Jul 17 2012

Ensconced within a private enclave on the Golden Mile, in between the famous Puente Romano and Marbella Club hotels, Las Torres – officially the Comunidad Las Torres del Marbella Club – is an undiscovered gem known only to those who enjoy its pleasures.

Las Torres Marbella Golden Mile

They are the few people lucky enough to own a property in Las Torres, or those who visit them there. Really the tiniest of urban areas, this highly exclusive collection of luxury properties is easily missed. Though situated between the Golden Mile and its luxurious beach, Las Torres is surprisingly unknown and secluded, thanks to a location that is right at the heart of things but with an access road that is easily missed and used only by those who own property here.

Set as it is around a tranquil cul de sac that leads down to the beach, Las Torres suffers no transit traffic – a situation helped by the fact that the access to the sea is private too. It is this combination of circumstances that shapes Las Torres as a highly secluded and peaceful corner in one of Marbella’s best areas. The villas are mostly set within large private grounds, the most valuable and impressive of which are naturally those facing the sea.

The majority of the properties have been recently upgraded or rebuilt, as any remaining older and less than perfectly maintained homes end up being worth less than the land they stand on in such a prime location. It is this factor of rarity of supply, coupled with a sense of privacy and exclusivity, which makes Las Torres a highly sought-after address among those in the upper bracket, ensuring its ongoing appeal.

At the top of Las Torres, facing the Golden Mile itself, is a small and stylishly designed office complex set amid greenery. One of the most exclusive business addresses in town, it contrasts with the other boundary of Las Torres, which looks out onto an elegant stretch of Mediterranean beach dotted with private cabana bars and beach clubs, and lined with a seaside promenade.

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