Villae International, the official publication of EREN, launched

Share Diana Morales | May 2 2006

Villae International is the official publication of EREN, the European Real Estate Network.

Villae International CoverDistributed across Europe and overseas and focusing on good living, as well as offering an overview of the finest properties in Europe, Villae International is part of EREN’s international, inter-agency network of luxury real estate. In its style, content and editorial, Villae International embodies the philosophy of EREN and its founder members.

EREN is an organisation dedicated to excellence in real estate, building on the longstanding reputation of leading specialists in exclusive property, so the magazine focuses strongly on stylish properties from across Europe.

Villae International is, however more than just an exclusive property magazine. With content that covers a wide variety of interesting topics ranging from design, art, décor, investment, culture and the fine things in life to features on fascinating people, places and events, this quality publication is designed to offer both enjoyment and information.

Press Release EREN, March 2006.

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