Frequently Asked Questions

Below are answers to some of the questions we receive most frequently. However, please contact us with any other questions you may have and we will be pleased to be of help.

Why should I buy a property with DM Properties?

When buying a property, all the more so if it is abroad, it is important to choose a real estate agency that has a solid reputation for longstanding service, professionalism and integrity. DM Properties stands out in this respect, and does so for several reasons.

Firstly, the company has been a constant presence in the Marbella property market for over 30 years now, achieving the kind of recognition for quality and as a specialist in luxury real estate that simply cannot be come by easily but has to be earned over years of sustained service and results.

As a boutique agency that focuses on quality rather than quantity and maintains deep-rooted business ethics along with modern know-how, DM Properties is the kind of company that selects its staff carefully and looks after them. As a result we have a low turnover of people, allowing unequalled market knowledge and business expertise to be accumulated that is sporadically added to by new enthusiasm and ideas.

It is this mix of know-how, business ethics and local market expertise that have positioned DM Properties at the top of the Marbella luxury real estate market and led us to being handpicked as partners by Knight Frank. This alliance, as part of which DM Properties is the official representative of one of the world’s leading property brands, brings together the local Costa del Sol knowledge and leading luxury property portfolio of our company with the prestige and quality seal of Knight Frank – giving our clients the guarantee that they are dealing with the best property alliance in Marbella real estate and can therefore expect the very best service available.

Why should I sell my property with DM Properties?

The track record of DM Properties over the past 30-plus years has made it recognised as a leader in the luxury property segment of the greater Marbella area. Indeed, DM Properties is regarded as the luxury specialist in the region, a fact that is supported by having the pick of the best properties on its portfolio. The owners of such homes choose us not just because of our service, discretion and professional approach, but also because we produce results in marketing and selling their properties.

In addition to investing in a consistently high quality of images, writing and marketing material, backed up by advertising campaigns in the leading relevant publications and a highly effective online marketing presence, DM Properties has always been very active in establishing international networks that serve to widen our range of potential buyers significantly. As a result we have earned a prominent name in leading international organisations such as Sotheby’s International Realty and Christie’s International Real Estate over the years, becoming founding members of such prestigious bodies as EREN (European Real Estate Network) and DOM3, but most importantly from the vendor’s perspective also building up a global network of affiliates and associates in the relevant property segments.

The alliance with Knight Frank has expanded this international reach greatly, thus giving us access to the most authoritative technical background support available as well as a global buying audience. In addition DM Properties is able to offer its clients residential, commercial and land opportunities around the world. Another important reason for our success – and why we are so highly regarded by Knight Frank – is the quality and honesty of our property valuations. They are based on empirical data and consistently reflect the true market values. Pricing a property correctly greatly enhances its chance of finding a buyer, and in this we negotiate on behalf of the vendor to achieve a good price that is agreeable to all parties. Agents who simply price-to-please in order to get the listing do no one a favour, as such homes go unsold for years except in the most bullish of market conditions. Being honest in our appraisals is part of a philosophy that has seen us build up a reputation and track record that we are proud of.

How can I get started looking for a property in Marbella if I am not in Spain?

We offer an exhaustive resource through our website – both in the property search function that features our leading portfolio of luxury homes, and in the easy to navigate support information contained in short articles, guides and downloadable documents. Naturally we are also on hand to offer personable assistance should you have specific requests or want to know more about a home you have seen on our site. You can also contact us directly on +34 952 765 138.

Do you only deal in luxury properties?

DM Properties specialises in luxury properties above all, but our in-depth knowledge of the Marbella area and its property market mean that we are frequently asked by homebuyers and investors to find properties ranging from small apartments and pieds-a-terre all the way to large villas, mansions and entire estates. Regardless of budget, you will always receive the same level of service.

Our good working relationship with the most reputable agencies on the Costa del Sol also means that we can source homes to your exact specifications across the coastal region and in the country areas beyond, so just let us know what you are looking for and we will find it for you.

What are your office hours?

Our office is open from 9.00 am to 7.00pm Monday to Friday. On Saturdays we can be reached at 952 765 138. However, our staff is available 7 days a week.

“DM Properties for your Marbella property requirements”