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Welcome to Highlights 2020

With this new edition of Highlights, our company’s flagship publication, we reach you in unusual and tumultuous times. We are now faced with another global challenge – the second in little more than a decade – and although no-one knows exactly what the economic impact will be, it will be overcome in the end, as humans are nothing if not adaptable and resourceful.

The demand for the uniquely privileged setting and lifestyle that Marbella and its surroundings offer remains as strong as ever, and in this issue we showcase some of its best facets, including some of the region’s finest homes and examples of style. In response to growing concerns about wellness and sustainability, we have expanded the editorial content this year to focus on just how we are adapting and incorporating these into our everyday lives and decisions regarding future investments. We have carefully curated a selection of articles featuring new eco-friendly lifestyles, how the fashion industry is responding to a growing demand for sustainable collections, the new hybrid Porsche Taycan and a look into some of Spain’s most iconic architects. Naturally, we also focus on lifestyle, for this is what helps to define our beautiful part of the world. Indeed, when people buy a home in Marbella, they acquire a lifestyle as much as a property.

We hope you enjoy Highlights!.