Ningún Niño sin Techo

Share Diana Morales | Dec 18 2012

The sight of poor and hungry children begging on the streets in the towns and cities of Morocco will not have escaped the notice of those who have visited this intriguing North African country. It’s heartbreaking to witness and creates one of the images that remains with the traveller long after his visit.

Ningún Niño sin Techo is a wonderful charity that works tirelessly to help these disadvantaged children. Roughly translated as ‘No Children without a Roof’, the non-governmental and non-profit organisation based in Tangiers and Marbella aims to provide street children with the care, education and support they require to reintegrate into society. Whether their problems stem from family, education or drugs, the fully registered Ningún Niño sin Techo charity provides volunteer professionals who work with the children and understand the reality of their situation, helping to formulate and initiate a plan of action to improve their lives.

But this all costs money and Ningún Niño sin Techo relies on the kindness of its members, benefactors and donors to raise the funds required to ensure that its House of Hope remains open. Your contribution of just €6 a month could help to make vast inroads into their expenses for rent, electricity, water and maintenance repairs.

Diana Morales visited the project to see for herself how donations are put to use. At the time of her visit, director María Almendros, a Spaniard from Estepona who was born in Morocco, was battling against the threat of eviction after money for rent had run dry. Thankfully, with the help of Spanish lawyer Isabel Ferrer and the invaluable financial support of Fuengirola Rotary, the House of Hope was saved and Almendros, together with her volunteers, was able to continue her outstanding work with the children.

“It was both humbling and heart-warming to see how hard and selflessly people can work on behalf of those who have had a less fortunate start in life than ourselves, and it reminds you just how fortunate many of us are,” says Diana Morales. “We have come to take things such as food, warmth and a roof over our heads for granted, but for many it remains a daily worry. A young life should not be dominated by the ongoing struggle for survival, so the desire of the people at Ningún Niño sin Techo is to break the cycle of misery in those they are able to help, and enable them to find a place in society that ultimately leads to education, employment and a normal, meaningful life. We fully support the work of these wonderful people and we hope you will too.”

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