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Knight Frank report on international investment flows

September 12, 2018

Knight Frank is one of the most internationally prestigious sources of information and know-how in global property and related fields because it takes the time to research and study the market in detail. The most recent report outlines the worldwide capital investment flows, and the reason why some countries are more successful at attracting money than others.

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Forecasts on Marbella Property market in 2018

February 19, 2018

The figures for 2017 not only confirm that it was a good year for Spain – as measured in terms of tourism visits, property sales and overall economic performance – but they also act as key indicators that help to create a clearer picture for 2018.


Foreign capital injection in Spanish property sector

January 19, 2018

Not so many years ago, at the height of the global financial crisis, in the hard-hit Spanish property and construction sector the talk was of bank repossessions and ‘toxic assets’. Then came the gradual recovery, starting with the snapping up of the most desirable real estate, and before long what was once a toxic asset became a tradable resource again.


Marbella property prices expected to continue growth in 2018

December 15, 2017

Property prices have been rising steadily for some time in and around Marbella, and the general consensus is that this trend will continue into 2018. The strong demand from affluent second-home buyers for the lifestyle of this region and the luxury property for sale in Marbella is further enhanced by bumper tourist visits to the luxury resort destination, thus fuelling prices further.

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The impact of Brexit on Marbella

October 11, 2017

While it seems the negotiations between the EU and the UK are still to begin in earnest, many have already been discussing the potential impact of Brexit since the British public first voted in favour of leaving the European bloc by a small margin last summer.

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Foreign buyers predicted to set new record

October 4, 2017

International property consultant firm JLL is forecasting what many in the Marbella area have been sensing for some time, namely that this could be the year in which home sales to foreign buyers breaks the record.


Marbella rent price increases outpace sales prices

September 4, 2017

Analysts from Gesvalt, a Spanish advisory company, have found that while sales prices of property in Spain are showing healthy growth right now, rental prices have started outpacing them quite significantly.


French election a boost for EU and the euro

May 26, 2017

Whether you like newly elected French President, Emanuel Macron, or don’t care for his policies, the fact is that both the markets and the EU as a whole breathes a collective sigh of relief when he was recently elected by a considerable margin.

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