Coastal News and The Luxury Property Market

The spring edition of the DM Properties Newsletter finds Southern Spain basking in beautiful sunshine. This is one of the most pleasant times of the year in this region, when the sky is deep blue, the air clear and warm yet refreshed by a gentle onshore breeze, and flowers begin to bloom. In a short while, almond blossom and a carpet of wild flowers will dot the green landscape with their intense shades of white, pink, red and yellow.

Coastal News

It’s a great time to travel through an Andalusian countryside still intensely green from winter rain yet already basking in the colour and warmth of spring sunshine. A particularly striking route is the new motorway that leads through the Alcornocales National Park. Designed to have minimal impact on the beautiful surroundings, this highway takes one inland, turning off the coastal road at Los Barrios (just past Gibraltar), and traversing some of the most stunning scenery en route to Jerez de la Frontera.

You will pass through verdant valleys, striking mountain ranges and pine forests before reaching the characteristically rolling green hills dotted with single trees that extend from the white village of Medina Sidonia to Jerez. The latter, with its proud equestrian and sherry-making tradition, not to mention its lively Flamenco scene, is well worth a stay in its own right. From here, short forays will take you to Puerto de Santa María, famed for its seafood restaurants, or the ancient city of Cádiz, with its old houses packed tightly on the tip of a land bar that seems to stretch into the sea.

Alternatively, you may want to head north, to the regional capital of Sevilla. This historical gem, famous for its clement weather and orange blossom this time of year, offers all the vibrancy and historical sights of a Spanish city, but if you time it right you may also get to see one of the most fascinating of the region’s many annual events: Semana Santa. Born out of the intensity of medieval Catholicism, and enhanced by the Mediterranean adoration for the Virgin Mary, Semana Santa still draws tens of thousands to line the streets as processions of strangely adorned penitents solemnly march past bearing effigies of their local Madonna or Christ. Whether you are religious or not, it is a spectacle as visually rich and typically Spanish as it is unforgettable in atmosphere.

The luxury property market

The high end of the property market has always been more than just another price category or segment. In simple terms it is made up of the villas and penthouses that command the highest values because of their location, facilities and level of quality and luxury. Where exactly such a category starts in terms of price tag is up for debate, however it usually begins in the lower millions and in the case of the most exclusive estates can run into the tens of millions.

It stands to reason that properties of this kind do not change hands every day, so the process of putting one on the market, promoting it and selling it is a lengthy and highly specialised procedure. It takes not only years of experience, skilled staff and a large network of appropriate contacts, but also the right kind of inclination to be successful in this highly demanding sector of the property industry. Read more about this specialised real estate service.

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