Developing the right properties for the right market

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Summer has arrived in full swing in Southern Spain, casting bright, sunny light over a region still deliciously green and fresh from late spring showers. The dry warmth means deep blue skies and warm days combined with cool respite in the evenings. In other words: classic Mediterranean conditions that are filling the streets, plazas and beaches with visitors and locals alike.

A new town hall has been elected, and they will be tackling the challenge of ensuring long-term sustainable growth in Marbella and its surroundings under the close scrutiny and guidance of the Regional Government of Andalucía. Already, strict new planning and zoning laws are about to be put into effect that will seek to harmonise the needs of development and environment, and bring a greater degree of sophistication to long-term planning. Among the new plans unveiled are a series of infrastructural projects that are set to start within the near future and will see the construction of a high-speed rail link between Málaga, its international airport and the resort areas along the Costa del Sol.

The fact that much of the line will be underground shows a heightened degree of sensitivity towards aesthetic and environmental issues, which will also see the rapid conversion to renewable energies such as solar and wind power in the coming years. Southern Spain is once again on the move, working towards a long-term destiny that focuses on sustainable tourism, lifestyle-driven property development and increased diversification both economically and as a resort destination. The latter can be seen in initiatives to build on the leading position the region has as a centre of golf, water sports, beach resorts and as a glamour spot.

In recent times it has already been developing as a spa, health and conferencing centre, but new attractions and transport links will expand the options available and bring surrounding areas such as the museums and city atmosphere of Málaga, the surfer’s beaches of Tarifa and the natural and cultural sights of the surrounding countryside within ever-closer reach.

Summer Concerts

Among the many events planned every summer are the concerts, large and small, that draw thousands to venues ranging from intimate theatres to large arenas and stadiums. This summer, the coast will be welcoming the likes of George Benson, Al Jarreau and José Feliciano, while Málaga will play host to Bryan Ferry and Lionel Ritchie, with Ziggy Marley rounding off the season with a huge beach bash in trendy Tarifa.

Developing the right properties for the market

Among the many facets of the property industry so frequently highlighted there is one important factor that is often overlooked: the development of properties. No, not the actual building, designing, styling, financing, marketing or even planning of projects and individual homes, but the all-important question: what should be built, where and in which quantities?

Diana Morales, 25 Jun 2007 - News

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