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The Buchinger Clinic has been a retreat for repose and recovery for decades now, long since establishing this elegant resort town with its benevolent climate as an ideal place in which to reinforce one’s physical and mental wellbeing.

One of just two settings for a Buchinger Clinic, Marbella joins Überlingen on Lake Constance in Southern Germany as an idyllic spot that sets the tone for an acclaimed methodology designed to restore people with a wide variety of ailments back to health.

Using a system that is classified as naturopathy and was developed by Doctor Otto Buchinger, the clinic sets out the recuperative process by reducing the intake of toxins and allowing the body to detoxify and restore its natural levels.

At its essence, this is a diet-based treatment in which fasting, exercise and peace work together to reduce not only built-up levels of harmful toxins and impurities in the body, but also to improve muscle tone, fitness and above all, reduce stress.

Since stress and unhealthy modern lifestyles and diets are such major contributors to reduced immunity, toxin build-ups, vitamin deficiencies and anxiety, the therapies applied at the Buchinger Clinic have achieved international acclaim for the non-invasive way in which they tackle many of today’s health-related problems without major dependence on medication.

Though supported by fully trained medical staff who assess each patient’s situation individually, as a doctor conventionally does, the common denominator is an emphasis on a routine of detoxification through a diet of herbal teas, vegetable bouillon and fruit juices. Patients with weight, metabolic and fatigue disorders are among those who benefit from a short stay during which the body is allowed to find its natural balance again. Unfit physiques are set on a course of recovery through exercise and, once removed from strenuous work schedules and other sources of stress, patients can find time for themselves, relax and take stock of the important things in life before returning back home within a healthier framework.

The climate and beauty of Marbella, combined with the luxury facilities and peace of the Buchinger Clinic itself often gives patients pause to consider their priorities and allow more time for a healthy diet, rest and conscious de-stressing activities once they return back home.

Diana Morales, 02 Apr 2012 - News

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