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The 2018 Knight Frank Wealth Report is out

Share Pia Arrieta | Apr 16 2018

Published annually by Knight Frank, The Wealth Report is a highly respected and thoroughly researched study that charts, explains and to some extent predicts the consumer, investment and property trends of the world’s affluent. What’s more, it does this on a global scale, as UHNWIs – Ultra High Net Worth Individuals – are growing in number and come from an increasingly wide range of countries.

Not only that, but the research and interviews with key experts in the field show that the world’s UNHWIs are now also increasingly active on a global scale, not just in terms of travel and business, but also when it comes to investment and assets such as real estate. In terms of the latter, the Knight Frank Wealth Report also looks at the detailed trends currently at play, asking questions such as: what are UNHWIs buying or investing in, what are the hotspots and also the reasons for choosing them, what are their favourite asset classes, what pass-times and interests do they like to lavish money on, and where are they buying properties?

Moreover, the report also tracks patterns like the move from the suburbs to downtown, historic and also up-and-coming city areas, attempting to sketch patterns both past and present that will help us recognise tomorrow’s trends. It also asks UNHWI investors what their main worries are, and not surprisingly factors such as political instability, crime, security, education and even protectionism come up, but the KF Wealth Report takes it a step further, quantifying and charting all the above in accurate detail to provide a global picture of where things are at right now.

The main focus is on real estate, be it commercial, retail or residential, but the challenges and opportunities recorded are among the most accurate of any such document in the world – which is why those who wish to make informed decisions should contact us for a copy of The Wealth Report or drop by any of the DM Properties offices in Marbella to pick it up.

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