Knight Frank - The Wealth Report 2020

The Wealth Report 2020

Share Pia Arrieta | Mar 24 2020

On the 6th of March, Knight Frank presented this year’s Wealth Report. Published by Knight Frank on an annual basis since 2007, it has become an authoritative source of information about up to date trends in HNW spending, saving, investment, consumer preferences and sentiment – a reference point that is of particular interest to business and property sector professionals around the world.

This year’s Wealth Report takes another look at the factors currently affecting both. Of course, there are the usual macroeconomic and geopolitical issues to consider – with important elements such as the oil price war involving Russia, Saudi Arabia and North American shale production; the ‘trade war’ between the USA and China; the apparent onset of slower growth, according to some a recession; the expected performance of the global markets in the months to come; and of course the impact of the most unexpected of all – the coronavirus crisis.

All these factors will impact upon demand, supply, price trends, growth and ultimately also property markets. As always, the Wealth Report asks key players both professional and UHNW individuals about where they think things are headed, which are the new growth segments, and where investment flows are going. Which asset class is currently seen as the preferred one among investors and wealthy individuals, and how does property play into this? Moreover, which segments and types of property are the ones to look out for?

Looking back and forward for greater perspective

These days, such questions must always consider the impact of new technologies that are the ones to drive growth and change, as well as impact upon our infrastructure and the way we do things. In the property sector, this includes new developments in technology, marketing, financing, consumer and design trends, professional networks as well as construction techniques and amenities. The last two are developing apace, and they again affect development costs, consumer preferences and the future shape of homes, offices, retail spaces and how we use them.

Health, the environment, security, education, technology and legislation are all creating a new playing field marked by novel challenges, obstacles, opportunities and unique growth areas. Those who identify them know which hurdles to clear and which potentially rewarding pursuits to focus on, and the Wealth Report does just that – provide a wealth of information collected, processed and analysed by professionals at Knight Frank and its global network of clients, peers and professionals.

It’s a resource too good to miss, so download your copy online of The Wealth Report 2020.

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