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The 2021 edition of The Wealth Report is out now

Share Pia Arrieta | Mar 4 2021

The global perspective on prime property and investment, including global wealth movements, property hotspots around the world and luxury investment trends.

The Wealth Report 2021 assesses how the fortunes of UHNWIs are changing, where they spend time, what they invest in and what they are likely to do next. From policymakers to investors, a lack of insight into the behaviour and attitudes of the “1%” risks a serious misreading of economic trends. This is the knowledge gap we fill. All of this, plus cutting-edge insight, including:

  • How the pandemic has impacted wealth creation
    The global response to the pandemic supported the wealthy
  • Why cities are set for a revival, and our take on future urban hotspots
    Development land is the 3rd most popular property investment for UHNWIs
  • Our analysis of the world’s top 100 prime residential markets
    Results of the 2020 and forecasts for property prices in 25 key locations worldwide
  • The latest real estate opportunities for private investors
    The world’s hottest next neighbourhoods and five key themes to follow
  • The results of our unique Luxury Investment Index
    From Hermès handbags to classic cars: How did prices weather the storm?

With the pandemic prompting an acceleration of change around the world, clear insight is needed now more than ever to support investment decisions. The Wealth Report provides critical information for buyers, investors, developers and advisors interested in prime residential markets globally.

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