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There was a time when a website was merely a calling card on which a company introduced itself, explained the nature and philosophy of its business, and listed the products and services offered in a coherent and easy-to-find way. The Web, however, is evolving rapidly as it becomes a reference tool for more and more people around the world and its significance continues to grow.

New technologies have created new tools and possibilities, which in turn affect the way we interact and search for information and products. The new trends and commercial realities feed back into the development of new technologies and services, and so the process evolves rapidly. As a company that has recognised the importance of this medium since its early days, we are keen to stay at the forefront of developments.

New look, new tools

Although DM Properties already possessed a popular, award-winning website, it has been updated and improved further to incorporate all the latest tools, functions and facilities. These include a clean, modified design that combines aesthetically pleasing looks with a highly functional and practical layout for easy navigating and accessing of the site’s information resources.

Incorporated in this design is the feedback we have received from colleagues and clients, which has been amalgamated into a new property search experience that is more visual, informative and attractive. The new website, for instance, includes a ‘Free Search’ option alongside the traditional search method, allowing visitors to type in and use any word of their choice to activate a search that is highly specific to what they are looking for.

In addition there are new property sections such as ‘Frontline Beach’ and ‘Frontline Golf’, finely tuned to suit popular search categories, as well as more detailed images, maps marking the property’s location and a ‘Full Screen’ facility for viewing the photos up close. Naturally a quality site like this is also fully optimised for use on handheld devices, with large, attractive function buttons and information for easy navigation on iPhones, smart phones and iPads.

Together with our popular blog and social media presence it makes for a very complete online service that continues to be updated and improved upon all the time, so for the most authoritative information on this region and its luxury property and lifestyle visit

Finally we would like to thank Sergio Gonzalez, owner of Inmoba Networks, and all his team, for their terrific ideas and hard work.

Diana Morales, 22 Jun 2012 - News

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