Redecorate your life with IKEA in Malaga

Diana Morales DM Properties
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The popular Swedish furniture store announced to open their Malaga-Superstore in 2006 on a 27.000 square meter site, just besides the Plaza Mayor entertainment centre. Ikea specialises in reasonably priced, functional, designer furniture and hip accessories for your home and office.

Especially after the spectacular grand opening of their all thought-through store in Sevilla in January 2004, almost everybody knows Ikea by now. In the windows of well- known fashion shops all over Spain, Ikea decoration and furniture makes "the sale", and even TV shows including "Big Brother" is most into Ikea these days. The new shop will be the tenth in Spain, and mean an investment of 50 million euros and create 350 jobs on the Costa del Sol.

The Ikea Group was founded in 1943, by Ingvar Kamprad, who climbed up to the very top of the financial world and can call himself today the richest man in the world. Who would have thought that Swedish do-it-yourself-furniture would win the race against the 21st century super-high-Tec computer king?

The recipe for the unbeatable success is an organisation that stands for long-term independence and security and also offers low prices, which is the result of a methodical, systematic approach from an initial idea through product development, supply, distribution and retail all the way to the customer's home. It's all about close cooperation between designers, product developers, purchasers and suppliers.

There are a grand total of 186 IKEA stores in 31 countries/territories. The IKEA Group itself owns 165 stores in 22 countries (by 31st of August 2003).

The Figures:Sales for the IKEA Group for the financial year 2003 (1 September 2002 - 31 August 2003) totalled 11.3 billion euro (12.2 billion USD).

Diana Morales, 18 May 2004 - News

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