DOM3: promoting quality, style and design in Marbella, Benahavis and Estepona

Share Pia Arrieta | Aug 5 2013

The recently founded organisation DOM3 is a grouping of professionals and specialists in the creation and promotion of luxury homes. Coming from a wide spectrum of disciplines, ranging from architects, interior designers, landscapers, surveyors, constructors, engineers, lawyers and developers to home electronics specialists and real estate agents, the members of DOM3 – among them DM Properties – are united in their desire to promote this sector on the Costa del Sol and develop it to the highest standards of excellence.

Dom3 Marbella

The luxury property market has been the most resilient and dynamic segment of the property market in Marbella and the neighbouring municipalities of Benahavis and Estepona. This important segment is Marbella’s strength and ties in with its lifestyle and its brand as a luxury resort town with a unique combination of climate, facilities, lifestyle, accessibility and high-standing services. To this list must also be added the quality and diversity of its real estate offer, which has remained popular with high net worth buyers.

In fact, not only is the luxury segment the one that has shown the greatest resilience in the years since the financial crisis, but it also has all the signs of great potential for growth, with gradually increasing demand and prices that remain attractive yet are beginning to even out and in some cases rise again. The people buying in Marbella are increasingly international, especially in the upper segment of the market, and their tastes are modern.

They demand stylish modern houses that offer the latest in amenities and comforts, and already there is a growing sector dedicated to the development of new properties and reconstruction of existing ones. This is an industry that draws in top professionals in the fields of construction, design, bespoke furniture making, home electronics and marketing, with a great many service industries such as maintenance and security following in their wake.

The past two years have seen a clear increase in the number of luxury properties bought and new ones constructed, with both end buyers and investors rediscovering Marbella with vigour. It is with the further development and promotion of this important and burgeoning sector in mind that DOM3 was formed and its multidisciplinary members meet on a weekly basis to exchange ideas, information and perspectives. In addition to this, the organisation also provides a fruitful forum for the proposal and development of action plans that turn theoretical analysis into practical initiatives.

Some of these will be technical, aimed at getting the best out of technical and creative expertise, while other initiatives will involve collaboration with the local town halls and planning departments. Meanwhile, as Marbella hones its already considerable expertise in the luxury home market, part of the mission of DOM3 is also to promote this sector on an international level and through its members bring it to the attention of an increasingly global clientele.

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