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Diana Morales DM Properties
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Since it's foundation in the eighties, DM Properties gained a strong reputation in the real estate business in Marbella, in the sunny Costa del Sol in Spain, just because its founder, Diana Morales, was always kind enough to share her extensive local knowledge of the area and the real estate business not only with her clients but also with collaborators elsewhere. Clients spread the word about Diana, more clients arrived and they eventually became friends. That was being social in the 80's in Marbella.

In the 90's, DM started connecting with and even founding real estate networks to establish contact with possibly the best real estate professionals all over the world. DM was the Exclusive Affiliate of Sotheby's International Realty for the Costa del Sol for 17 years (until 2005), and at the time of writing, DM is the Christies' Great Estates exclusive agent for the Costa del Sol, member of Leading Real Estate Companies of the World (RELO) and its Luxury Portfolio division, and founder member of European Real Estate Network (EREN) and Leading Property Agents in Spain. All these connections offered the ability to introduce Marbella's wonderful location, facilities and lifestyle to clients all over the world. That meant being Social in Real Estate in the 90's for DM.

Since the late 90's to present, the internet has changed our world and our way of doing business. Be it at a local level or worldwide, Real Estate success highly depends on the internet, and it is interesting to see how being social is one of the latest trends on the internet, perhaps the most important one.

Being social, “real-estate-wise” on the internet, is not only about targeting the sale but also targeting the client who will live in that home in Marbella or any other location on the Coast. It means talking to and caring about the client and his/her their needs, solving any doubts or fears they may have and sharing knowledge without restrictions in every possible way, and not only about what refers to the real estate business but mainly about the future lifestyle of their families.

But, this is just what DM Properties has been doing all along. Since early 2000, was designed and built on a blogging platform (WordPress). It was probably the first property related blog on the Costa del Sol where Diana and her collaborators have been sharing their knowledge for many years now. DM Properties is present also on LinkedIn and other social networks and is finally getting to Facebook. Social bookmarking sites are also used to allow our visitors to share our articles and pieces of advice with their friends and family. Our new international property website,, has also been built around a blog and our intention is to market our partner's properties by sharing their local knowledge and advice together with our own views about doing business and caring for clients.

Like in the 80's and 90's, all these efforts are giving their results. Our websites’ SEO and SEM are benefiting by almost doubling their traffic in the past months. Meanwhile, clients keep talking about us and recognizing DM Properties as one of the most trustworthy firms you could find to buy or invest in Marbella and the Costa del Sol. It doesn’t matter to us if they talk about us over a coffee, or twitting from New York or sharing links with friends over the net. We are very proud we got this far, especially during these present times where hundreds of real estate agents and "supposed" professionals appear and disappear in our business, and especially in renowned first-class resort cities like Marbella.

Diana Morales, 14 Aug 2009 - News

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