The time to buy property is during the bust: Don’t miss out on the chance to buy in Marbella!

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We thought you might find this article interesting. It has been written by Mark Stucklin, author of the Spanish Property Doctor column in the Sunday Times, who writes about the Spanish property market and has his own blog dedicated to this. In an article written for the Sunday Times he talks about what is happening at the moment in various Spanish property markets including of course Marbella.

"... Prices are back where they were in 2004 or before. You can now buy lovely villas in Marbella for between €1m and €2m — that’s less than the replacement value. On a lower budget, a townhouse that was sold for €375,000 in 2005 recently went for €250,000. I can’t see it getting better than this".

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Diana Morales, 03 Feb 2010 - News

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