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Tennis in Spain has a celebrated history, evolving from a pastime for the elite to a sport practised and celebrated nationwide. In the late 19th century, tennis was seen as a leisure activity for the affluent. The post-World War II era, however, marked a significant shift, as tennis gained popularity across the country, laying the foundation for its current status as a national passion.

Photo of a Puente Romano tennis court
Image provided by Club Tenis Puente Romano

The mid-to-late 20th century heralded a golden era in Spanish tennis. This period saw the emergence of iconic players like Manolo Santana, then Rafael Nadal, Arantxa Sánchez Vicario, and Carlos Moyá. Their remarkable achievements not only earned them numerous titles but also ignited a passion for tennis among the Spanish populace. Their influence extended beyond the courts, embedding tennis into the cultural fabric of Spain.

Parallel to the rise of traditional tennis, another racket sport began to gain traction in Spain: Padel. Originating in Mexico in the 1960s, padel quickly found a passionate following in Spain. In fact, it’s a hybrid, combining elements of tennis and squash, played on a smaller court enclosed by walls. This sport is particularly known for its social aspect and ease of play, making it accessible to a wide range of players.

Read on to delve a little deeper into Marbella’s close association with top-flight tennis, as well as its grass-roots devotees, and take a closer look into where you can play and what facilities are available. Within this, we’ll also take a look at the padel craze that is growing alongside it and where you can find a court to play this burgeoning sport.

Tennis in Marbella

Marbella’s idyllic climate and relatively affluent society made it a perfect location for year-round play, with many stars of the international circuit basing themselves in the seaside community, either choosing a house there or training for extended periods of time.

It has also become home to several high-profile tennis clubs and academies, attracting both local enthusiasts and international stars. These clubs not only honed the skills of future champions but also became venues for prestigious tournaments.

Over the years, Marbella has embraced padel with equal enthusiasm. The city's clubs and resorts now often feature state-of-the-art padel courts alongside traditional tennis facilities. This has made Marbella a hotspot for both sports, attracting players and fans from around the globe.

The international growth of padel has been meteoric, with its popularity spreading across Europe, the Americas, and even into Asia. It’s easy learning curve, social nature – where there are padel courts, there are so-called ‘mixings,’ or turn-up and play matches – and shorter match durations make it appealing to a broad audience. International tournaments and professional circuits are further evidence of padel's rising status in the world of sports.

Read on to find out where you can play tennis and padel in Marbella. From the crème de la crème to games between friends, there are facilities for everyone, and we examine what each one offers. If you’re one of the many tennis and/ or padel lovers who visit or live in Marbella, read on to find out more!

Where to Play

As tennis is such a popular sport at all levels, it isn’t hard to find a tennis or padel court. Many urbanisations feature tennis courts in their facilities, and public sports centres will offer tennis courts that the public can book. Additionally, thanks to the exceptional southern Spanish climate, there are few days of the year when the weather affects play.

RozaRossa: A Family Sports Club


A relatively recent arrival on the Costa del Sol, RozaRossa in El Paraíso has become a firm family favourite, a sports and country club that is designed with everyone in mind, from the youngest to the oldest member of the family.

The project combines modern comforts with ample opportunity for a wide variety of sports, relaxation, and pampering. Located in a picturesque and convenient area with developed infrastructure, it boasts first class facilities in an enviable setting.


The facilities at RozaRossa are crafted to cater to a wide array of interests and activities, ensuring that every guest finds something to enjoy. The club's centrepiece is its sports offerings, as evidenced by nine modern tennis courts with diverse surfaces such as clay, grass, and hard courts, catering to tennis enthusiasts and professionals alike. In addition, two padel tennis courts are available for those passionate about this increasingly popular sport.

Beyond the courts, RozaRossa extends its leisure offerings to include a mini-golf course, providing a fun and engaging activity for guests of all ages. The club also features a swimming pool accompanied by a chill-out area, perfect for relaxing in the sunshine after the exertions of a strenuous game.

The culinary experience at RozaRossa is as diverse and refined as its sports facilities. The in-house restaurant serves a mix of traditional and contemporary cuisines, catering to a variety of tastes and preferences. This gastronomic journey is complemented by the club’s boutique hotel, which offers luxurious suites and family-friendly rooms, all designed to provide comfort and elegance.

For those seeking relaxation and self-care, the beauty salon offers a range of services, while there is a dance studio offering lessons and a kids club to ensure that younger guests are entertained and engaged.
These diverse offerings ensure that there is something for everyone at RozaRossa, with all members of the family catered for.

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The Atalaya Tennis Center by Wall Academy


Inaugurated in April 2021, the Atalaya Tennis Center by Wall Academy is a modern sports complex located on the beachfront between Marbella and Estepona. This state-of-the-art facility is integrated within a 50,000m2 sports and hotel complex, surrounded by tropical gardens.


The centre boasts three clay tennis courts, which have traditionally hosted major tournaments, and three Greenset courts, a synthetic resin surface used in main tournaments worldwide. These Greenset courts are unique to the area, sharing the same surface colour as the Australian Open 2020 courts. Additionally, the centre has four panoramic paddle courts, regulated and certified by the Royal Spanish Paddle Tennis Federation.

Atalaya Tennis Center offers various programs, including junior programs focused on technical and mental empowerment and adult programs for high-quality training in small groups. These programs are designed to enhance the player's skills and enjoyment of the game.

Additional amenities enhance the overall experience. The Wall Shop, a modern sports shop, is fully equipped with the latest technology and materials for tennis and paddle, catering to all sports equipment needs. For accommodation, the centre is ideally located in a beachfront area, offering spectacular sea views and a variety of family-friendly facilities and activities.

The state-of-the-art fitness centre boasts Technogym equipment and a range of guided activities, perfect for fitness enthusiasts. Lastly, the Sports Terrace is an inviting outdoor space offering healthy and balanced food options, providing an ideal spot to enjoy meals or coffee while soaking in the views of the tennis and paddle courts.

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  • Address: Hotel Sol Marbella Estepona Atalaya Park, Avda. de las Golondrinas, 29688 Estepona, Málaga
  • Website:

Aloha Tennis Club


Aloha Tennis Club opened its doors in 2019, establishing itself as a notable addition to the Nueva Andalucía area in Marbella. The club has been recognised for its state-of-the-art facilities and welcoming community since its inception.


The club features two hard courts and one clay court, accommodating a variety of tennis playing preferences. It offers professional coaching for players of all skill levels and ages. The on-site cafe provides a pleasant space for players to relax and socialise after their games or training sessions.

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Manolo Santana Racquets Club: A Legacy of Excellence


The Manolo Santana Racquets Club, founded in 1997 by the eponymous tennis legend, stands as a landmark in Marbella's sporting landscape. Santana, a pivotal figure in Spanish tennis during the 1960s, was the first Spaniard to win Wimbledon and four Grand Slam titles. His victories brought tennis into the limelight in Spain, transforming it from an elite sport to a national passion. The club was envisioned as a tribute to his illustrious career and a centre for nurturing future tennis talents. Sadly, Manolo died in December 2021, but his legacy lives on in the Racquets Club.

Manolo Santana’s Achievements

Santana's legacy is marked by his groundbreaking achievements in tennis. He was a three-time winner of Roland Garros, the champion of the US Open, and a significant contributor to Spain's Davis Cup campaigns. His numerous awards, including the Gold Medal for Sports Merit and the Grand Cross of the Royal Order of Sports Merit, highlight his contributions to sports and tennis in particular.


At the core of the club are its world-class tennis facilities, featuring a variety of tennis and padel courts. The club is renowned for its exceptional tennis amenities, boasting an array of courts that cater to enthusiasts of all levels. It features six premium tennis courts, each designed to replicate the surfaces of the Grand Slams: three Plexipave courts, two clay courts, and one artificial grass court, all outfitted with modern floodlights for evening play.

Complementing the tennis offerings, the club also houses four padel courts, surrounded by pine trees, providing a backdrop for players and spectators alike, including a shady spot where Manolo enjoyed watching the games.
Beyond tennis, the club offers a variety of sports and leisure activities, making it a comprehensive destination for families and sports enthusiasts. With over 1,000 members annually, the club is not just a sports facility, but a vibrant community brought together by a shared love for tennis and sporting activity.

Image of tennis court in Manolo Santana Racquets Club
Image provided by Manolo Santana

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Tennis Brothers Marbella Club

A family favourite club in the heart of Nueva Andalucía, this club offers a comprehensive tennis experience, combining professional coaching, a variety of programs, and a welcoming atmosphere, making it an ideal destination for tennis players of all levels​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​.


The Tennis Brothers Marbella Club was established by French brother partnership Bernard and Frank Frances, former members of the Brazil and French Tennis Associations, and offers a rich history and impressive facilities for tennis enthusiasts. With over 30 years of professional experience playing on the ATP World Tennis Tour and coaching ATP and top-ranking padel players, the Frances brothers have imparted a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the club.

Their extensive experience and multilingual abilities (English, French, Spanish, Russian, and Portuguese) have contributed to creating a dynamic and inclusive environment at the club. Sadly, Bernard passed away in 2020.


The club, located in Nueva Andalucía, Marbella, is more than just a tennis venue: it’s a favourite of local families and has a warm, community ambience. It offers private and group lessons on clay courts, emphasising a personalised approach to training. The club's facilities cater to a range of ages and skill levels, with programs for men, women, and kids, as well as specific physical training sessions.

Training Programs

  • Individual Training: A variety of training options are available, including physical, tactical, and technical training, allowing members to tailor their learning experience.
  • One-to-Ones: Members can improve their game by playing with a professional tennis player and receiving top-notch coaching.
  • Children's Programs: For children aged 6-13, the club offers classes that introduce tennis in a fun way, focusing on coordination, primary skills, and stroke development.
  • Teen Programs: Aimed at teenagers with beginning to intermediate skills, these classes focus on building mental confidence and tactical gameplay.
  • One Day Mini Tournaments: These tournaments provide an opportunity for members to experience competition in a supportive environment.

The club also features a pleasant terrace attached to the tennis courts, where members and guests can enjoy meals or coffee while watching tennis matches.

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Nueva Alcántara Padel and Tennis Club


Nueva Alcántara Padel and Tennis Club stands out as a significant sports facility in Marbella, combining a rich history in padel and tennis with excellent facilities. The club's vibrant atmosphere and comprehensive amenities make it a popular choice for sports enthusiasts and families alike.

The Nueva Alcántara Padel and Tennis Club was inaugurated in 1999. Since its opening, it has been focussed mainly on growing the sport and popularity of padel and has been a prominent venue in Marbella. The club has hosted numerous top-tier padel tournaments at regional, national, and international levels.

Its Central Court is unique, being the only fixed glass padel court in the world with seating for 1,500 people. In its relatively short history, the club has already hosted 55 padel tournaments, including four international events with world-class players and televised finals. Nueva Alcántara is recognised for having the highest court occupancy rates in Spain in recent years​​.


Nueva Alcántara Padel and Tennis Club offers 11 padel courts and 4 tennis courts, along with a gym, an aerobic room, changing rooms, a beauty salon, and a mini sports store. The club also features a cosy bar and restaurant. Children's lessons in padel, tennis, flamenco, and ballet are available, making it a convenient and welcoming place for families​​.

Photo of tennis courts of Nueva Alcántara

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Real Club Padel Marbella


Real Club Padel Marbella, founded in 2008, stands as one of the most exclusive and prestigious padel clubs in the area. Over the years, it has established itself as more than just a padel club; it's a comprehensive sports centre offering a wide array of services. The club began with a focus on padel tennis and has since expanded its offerings to include a state-of-the-art gym, beauty and hair salon, and a cafe/restaurant. This growth reflects its commitment to providing a full spectrum of health and wellness services.

Celebrated for its 10 paddle tennis courts, the club caters to players of all levels, from beginners to advanced, and organises matches and mix-ins suitable for everyone. The instructors at the club are renowned for their expertise in both private and group lessons for adults and children.

Membership options are flexible, with options to suit to a variety of needs and durations, from daily passes to yearly memberships. These memberships include access to all facilities and classes, with options for personal training and padel instruction for those seeking focused support. The club's events department also arranges group activities and bootcamp style courses, including a full schedule of training, restaurant meals, and consultation.

Since its inception, Real Club Padel Marbella has continuously reinvented itself and grown, offering clients a unique experience with a diverse range of services all in one place. The club emphasises the importance of outdoor activities, providing specially designed spaces with top-tier equipment.


Real Club Padel Marbella boasts an impressive array of facilities designed to cater to diverse interests and needs, ensuring a holistic experience for its members and guests.

The club features 10 padel courts, known as some of the most prestigious on the Costa del Sol. These include six panoramic glass courts equipped with WPT-approved grass and advanced LED lighting. Complementing the courts, the club's padel school offers training programs for both adults and minors, making it an inclusive environment for padel enthusiasts of all levels.

In addition to the padel facilities, the heart of the club is its expansive gym. This includes an indoor gym area that is fully equipped with state-of-the-art machines and materials. The gym's standout feature is the outdoor area, which covers over 10,000m2. This space is dedicated to various activities including bodybuilding, cardio, functional training, and contact sports. For post-workout relaxation, there are Spa facilities available. The indoor gym also includes a 350m2 area designated for group classes such as GAP, toning, and Pilates.

Real Club Pádel Marbella is home to innovative fitness areas. This includes machinery suited to both indoor and outdoor use, a Ninja Warrior facility, a Crossworkout Zone, a dedicated Pilates studio, and a comprehensive cardio zone. For those interested in contact sports, the club provides a specialised area along with a TRX zone designed for bodybuilding and core activation.

The club's commitment to a comprehensive lifestyle extends beyond sports. It regularly hosts live music events, featuring a weekly DJ program, and organises kids' camps throughout the year. For families, the club is particularly accommodating, providing a secure and visible glass room for childcare and a fun-filled outdoor play park named REAL PLAY PARK, equipped with swings and inflatable castles. Additionally, the club offers boxing and Muay Thai classes for children.

Further enhancing the club's appeal is the beauty and hair salon located at the gym's entrance. This salon offers a wide range of services, from quick hair styling to the latest trends in nails and facials. Other notable amenities include a barber shop that combines old-school style with contemporary trends, and an exclusive car wash service. For pet owners, the club has thoughtfully provided a special area named 'THE DOG HOUSE', where pets can stay comfortably while their owners enjoy the club's facilities.

In summary, Real Club Pádel Marbella is not just a sports centre; it's a comprehensive lifestyle hub offering a wide range of sports, fitness, wellness, and leisure facilities designed to meet the varied needs and interests of its members.

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Club Internacional de Tenis y Padel


The club was founded in 1979 by Javier Garrido, a former professional player and managing director of the club. Garrido, who began playing tennis at the Real Madrid Sports City and developed his profession at the Chamartín Tennis Club, had an illustrious career until it was cut short by a traffic accident. After ending his playing career, he directed amateur and professional teams at Chamartín Tennis Club until 1979, and then continued in the Costa del Sol.

In 1979, Garrido, along with Teo Barrios, created the Bel Air Tennis Club. Between 1982 and 1988, he worked with Bjorn Borg and Manolo Santana at Puente Romano, organising professional events. In 1988, he fully joined the management of Marbella International Tennis Club, contributing significantly to local tennis promotion and instilling the sport from early ages​​.


Located in one of Marbella's prime areas, with easy access to Puerto Banús and San Pedro Alcántara, the club offers a range of facilities. These include three clay courts with grandstands and ATP court dimensions, two hard surface courts with ATP dimensions, four Plexipave courts also with ATP dimensions, and two padel courts with artificial grass and glass walls.

The club also provides training for children starting from 4 years of age, private parking, changing rooms with amenities, an outside terrace with views of the courts, personal tennis and padel coaching, equipment store for stringing and racket rental, and a bar and clubhouse for relaxation​​.

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Puente Romano Tennis Club


The Puente Romano Tennis Club, a cornerstone of Marbella's sporting history, was inaugurated in 1979, marking the beginning of a storied journey in the world of tennis. This esteemed club commenced under the management of tennis legend Björn Borg and later, in 1983, was taken over by Wimbledon Champion Manolo Santana, who led the club until 1998. The club's history is intertwined with that of the Hotel Puente Romano, from which it draws its name and prestige.

The Hotel Puente Romano Hotel’s doors opened in 1979, along with the opening of the tennis club. This transformation brought a new level of sophistication and elegance to Marbella's Golden Mile. The hotel, mirroring the club's commitment to excellence, quickly became a symbol of luxury and a preferred destination for the elite, contributing significantly to the region's status as a top-tier tourist and sporting destination.

Over the years, the club has been a venue of choice for numerous high-profile tennis events and has seen the participation of renowned players like Boris Becker, John McEnroe, Serena Williams, and Henri Leconte. Its courts have witnessed many significant moments in tennis history, including the wedding of Bjorn Borg and Mariana Simionescu in 1980, shortly after which Borg became the Director of the Club.

Significantly, the club was the host of the Davis Cup Final between Spain and Mexico in 1988, a memorable event that ended with a victory for Spain. This match, along with other prestigious events like the Andalucia Tennis Experience and the Nations Senior Cup, has cemented the club's reputation as a premier venue for international tennis competitions.

Furthermore, the central court of the Tennis Club has served as a venue for celebrated summer concerts, featuring performances by artists such as Montserrat Caballé, José Carreras, Ray Charles, and many more, adding a cultural dimension to its rich history​​​​​​​​​​.

Image of tennis court of Puente Romano
Image provided by Puente Romano


The Puente Romano Tennis Club offers a wide range of additional amenities that cater to fitness, wellness, gastronomy, and leisure, enhancing the experience of members and guests alike.

The club features 10 meticulously maintained courts. This includes eight clay courts, favoured for their slower play and softer surface, which are perfect for those who enjoy a strategic, groundstroke-based game. In addition, there are two Plexipave courts, known for their hard surface, which offer a faster game and are often preferred by players who enjoy a more powerful, serve-and-volley style of play. These courts have seen international acclaim, hosting prestigious events like the Davis Cup, ATP Challenger tournaments, and WTA competitions, showcasing their world-class standard.

Complementing the tennis facilities, the club boasts four padel courts which are designed to meet professional standards, providing an excellent venue for both casual play and competitive matches. This makes the club a favoured spot not just for tennis but also for padel enthusiasts.

These facilities, combined with the club's picturesque setting in the heart of Marbella, create an ideal environment for players to engage in their sport, improve their skills, and enjoy the social aspects of tennis and padel. The club's commitment to offering a comprehensive tennis and padel experience is evident in the quality of its courts and the range of programs and events it hosts, making it a distinguished destination for racket sports in Southern Europe.

Additionally to the racquet sports offerings, the club presents a state-of-the-art fitness centre, equipped with the latest in cardio and weight-training equipment. This gymnasium features advanced Technogym machinery, providing a comprehensive workout experience for all fitness levels. Complementing the physical training facilities are the wellness amenities, including a sauna and a Turkish bath, ideal for relaxation and recovery after a vigorous workout or tennis match.

The club's commitment to wellness extends to its Six Senses Spa, which offers a variety of treatments inspired by the Mediterranean. Utilising local olive oils, sea salt, and mountain herbs from Andalucía, the spa provides signature treatments, including facials and massages, tailored to rejuvenate and revitalise guests.

For dining and socialising, the Puente Romano Beach Resort, part of the club's complex, features over twenty restaurants and bars, boasting a diverse range of culinary experiences. The Lagom! Café, with its view overlooking the tennis courts, presents a relaxed setting for enjoying meals and drinks.

Accommodation at the club is provided by the Puente Romano Beach Resort, a Mediterranean Andalucian village-style resort that features spacious suites and private villas. The resort is also adorned with beautiful botanical gardens, offering tranquil spaces for leisurely strolls or relaxation.

Members also enjoy access to various social and sporting events, adding to the rich experience of being part of this prestigious club. These facilities collectively establish the Puente Romano Tennis Club as a destination not just for sports enthusiasts but for anyone seeking a blend of leisure, sport, and wellness in a luxurious setting.

The Puente Romano Tennis Club in Marbella is a premier destination for tennis and padel enthusiasts, offering top-notch facilities that cater to players of all levels.

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Don Carlos Tennis Club, Marbella


The Don Carlos Tennis Club, associated with the prestigious Don Carlos Leisure Resort, has carved a niche in the world of tennis and leisure in Marbella East. The club is ideally situated near some of the most esteemed residential areas like Elviria and Hacienda Las Chapas, making it a convenient and sought-after destination for both local residents and visitors.

Beyond its tennis offerings, the Don Carlos Tennis Club enjoys proximity to some of Marbella's finest beaches, including the iconic Nikki Beach Club. This location adds to the club's allure, blending sports with leisure and relaxation. Guests can enjoy a rigorous game of tennis and then unwind by the beautiful Mediterranean shores, making the Don Carlos Tennis Club more than just a sports facility – it's a comprehensive leisure destination.

Throughout its history, the Don Carlos Tennis Club has maintained a balance between providing top-tier tennis facilities and embracing the relaxed, luxurious lifestyle that Marbella is known for. This combination has made it a beloved spot for tennis players and leisure seekers alike, contributing to its reputation as a premier destination in Marbella East.


The Don Carlos Tennis Club is an exclusive tennis destination in Marbella, surrounded by lush vegetation and offering sea views. Since its inception, the Don Carlos Tennis Club has been a beacon for tennis enthusiasts, offering facilities that rival the best in the region. With its seven excellent clay courts and two fast Rebound Ace courts – a surface akin to that used in the Australian Open – the club provides a world-class tennis experience. This range of courts not only caters to a variety of playing preferences but also positions the club as a versatile venue for different levels of tennis play.

The club's commitment to tennis is evident in its wide range of training options. It offers individual, pair, and group classes, catering to players of all ages and skill levels. While the club may not organise Mix-Ins, it opens up possibilities for tournaments and competitive play, allowing members and guests to test and enhance their skills in a more formal setting​​.

This club offers a unique combination of high-quality tennis facilities and services in a beautiful natural setting, making it an excellent choice for tennis enthusiasts visiting or residing in Marbella.

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Royal Tennis Club Marbella


The Royal Tennis Club Marbella, an esteemed institution in the world of tennis, was established 40 years ago by a group of seasoned tennis professionals. Located to the east of Marbella, within the quiet coastal area of El Rosario, the club has become a beacon for tennis enthusiasts. The region's ideal climate conditions allow for year-round tennis and padel play, surrounded by the unique beauty of nature, offering tranquillity and fresh air.

Over the past four decades, the Royal Tennis Club Marbella has gained renown for its high-quality clay tennis courts which are celebrated as amongst the best in the Costa del Sol region. The club's reputation is further bolstered by the international tennis stars it has welcomed, including J.C. Ferrero, D. Ferrer, A. Kuznetsov, J. Acasuso, and Emilio Álvarez, among others. These renowned players have graced the club's courts, adding to its prestigious history.

In addition to hosting internationally recognised athletes, the club has been a venue for significant international tournaments, including the DuelodeLegiones'08, which saw Spain compete against Argentina.


The club boasts eight clay tennis courts and one hard court, all equipped with professional night lighting, enabling play at any hour, enhancing the versatility and appeal of the facilities.

Apart from its tennis offerings, the club includes a fitness club equipped with the latest machines and a variety of fitness classes, such as Power Tonification/Stretching, Body Sculpting, and Aerobics. The wellness and fitness centre is complemented by an inviting restaurant, a bar, an outdoor pool, and accommodation facilities that include modern amenities.

The "La Veranda Verde" restaurant on the club's premises serves as a versatile dining venue, perfect for various occasions and known for its festive menu and entertainment programs. The restaurant also caters to sports fans with live broadcasts of various tournaments.

The nearby beaches include the celebrated beach club Nikki Beach a five-minute car-ride away, with Málaga Airport easily accessible, adding to the convenience for visitors and members.

Photo of tennis courts of Nueva Alcántara

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Riviera 11 Sport Club


Founded in 2018, Riviera 11 Sport Club has quickly established itself as a premier sports establishment on the Costa del Sol, attracting both national and international clients. Its ideal location near the beach and the favourable weather conditions makes it a highly sought-after destination for sports enthusiasts.

Riviera 11 Sport Club's inception was driven by a passion for sports and a commitment to excellence. Within a few years, it has garnered a reputation for being a serious sporting facility, frequented by professional trainers and high-level athletes preparing for tournaments and competitions. Notable visitors include Alejandro Davidovich Fokina, Adrián Menéndez, and Rubén Wolkowysky, showcasing the club's appeal to elite sports professionals.


The club’s aim is to be more than a sports centre, indeed, there is a strong emphasis on community, with the club striving to ensure that a warm welcome is extended to all-comers.
To this end, there is a diverse array of facilities to cater to the interests of its members and guests. The club boasts six clay tennis courts and eight paddle tennis courts, providing ample space for engaging in these popular sports. Additionally, there is a soccer field, which is perfect for team sports and various outdoor activities, adding to the club's versatility.


The club is home to the AMARIT SANCHEZ Performance Tennis Academy, which offers a professional and personalised program. With a focus on individual attention in small group settings, the academy has successfully placed several students in the ATP and WTA rankings. Many of its students have also had the opportunity to play and live in the United States with tennis scholarships in the NCAA division. The academy's philosophy emphasises continuous improvement through a structured plan that encompasses technical, tactical, mental, and physical aspects of the game.

For relaxation and personal care, the club features a beauty salon that offers a wide range of services. This salon is an ideal place for members and guests to unwind and receive some pampering after a day of physical activity. Fitness and bodybuilding enthusiasts are well catered for with a well-equipped gym, which includes a variety of equipment and facilities for a comprehensive workout experience.

After a day filled with sports and activities, members and guests can enjoy the welcoming bar at the club. This bar provides a perfect setting for socialising and relaxing, offering refreshments in a friendly atmosphere. These facilities collectively make the Riviera 11 Sport Club not just a sports hub but a community destination for leisure, wellness, and social interaction.
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The Lew Hoad Tennis and Paddle Club


Established in 2005 under new management, the club maintains the essence of its rich history while continually updating and expanding its facilities. Founded by renowned Australian tennis player Lew Hoad in the 50s and 60s, the club is located in an old Andalucian farmhouse in Mijas. It has attracted numerous celebrities and sports personalities, including Lady Diana, Sean Connery, Frank Sinatra, Tony Roche, Peter McNamara, and Stan Smith.


The Lew Hoad Tennis and Paddle Club offers an extensive range of facilities designed to cater to the needs of sports enthusiasts and leisure seekers alike. Nestled in a picturesque setting, the club features seven plexi-cushion tennis courts and six Crystal paddle courts, each designed for optimal playing experience. The fitness centre is a hub of activity, equipped with a bodybuilding zone and various group classes, catering to different fitness levels. For relaxation and leisure, the club boasts a saltwater pool, complemented by stylishly air-conditioned pergolas, cosy indoor lounges, and inviting outside terraces. The club's boutique offers a selection of sports equipment and clothing, while the lush tropical gardens and tranquil water lily pond provide a peaceful retreat. A large free parking area adds to the convenience, making it an ideal destination for a day of sports, relaxation, and enjoyment.

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