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Just recently there has been a distinct trend in Marbella – as elsewhere – towards modern homes that feature the latest in architectural design and technology. In some cases this has given rise to modernist jewels, but as is often the case with new trends there are also many homes that are a little ‘samey’. When following a design movement of this kind it is easy to lose the character and individuality of a property, surely one of the most important features of a luxury home.

Stunning Contemporary Jewel in Cascada de Camojan

It is therefore a delight to come across a property such as this luxurious villa set within a singular location surrounded by nature and open, unassailable views of the entire Marbella coastline all the way along the Mediterranean Sea to Gibraltar and North Africa. “I was originally in the market for a luxury apartment,” says the owner, who fell in love with the plot the minute he and his wife saw the setting and the views. “Any plans of an apartment were soon forgotten. We simply had to build our dream house here.”

And that is exactly what this exacting couple did, enlisting the creative eye of a very experienced architect, in whom they found a kindred spirit for their project. “It turned out to be a fun creative process in which I think we created a home worthy of this unique location.” We think so, for this modern villa is not only situated in a secure, private area on the edge of Sierra Blanca, but it finds itself enveloped by greenery and commanding views that can’t be taken away.

Modern architecture with personality

Together with their architect the couple have created a luxury contemporary villa that features advanced aesthetic styling and high-tech amenities yet also has lots of individuality and character. With its fine proportions, clever use of panoramic windows and modernist-inspired architecture that eschews the conventional white box, this is a home whose attractive lines are given solidity and substance by dark columns. It creates a balance and look that ensures the property’s identity and uniqueness.

A stylish modern driveway leads to the multi-car garage and entrance, from where the sparkling sea catches your eye the minute you open the imposing front door. Although this perspective line through the house to the shimmering sea is a classic architectural feature, here it is uncluttered by a living room or terrace – and so much more impressive for it. In other words, from the slightly raised position of the suitably elegant entrance hall the Mediterranean seems close enough to touch.

The double-storey entrance hall is a study in glass, glimpses of beautiful mountain and sea vistas and the fine, handpicked materials that have gone into this villa. The dark, mat floor tiles and walls with stucco overlay set the tone for a home full of sophisticated features. Amid all of this, symmetry has not been overlooked, making this the distribution point for two well-proportioned wings.

From the state-of-the-art kitchen, with its modern bar, breakfast area and laundry, you look out past the large terrace and sleek swimming pool to the sea beyond, while in the adjacent cloakroom the glass window will cloud over for privacy at the touch of a button. The opposite wing contains a stylish but welcoming living room with professional audio-sound installation and a Marrakech-inspired relaxing corner that connects with the outdoor terrace. It is a coming together of the husband’s life for rock music and his wife’s classic inspiration, not to mention a large wing piano that the classically trained musician used to practise and also entertain her guests.

The home features many more ‘his and hers’ areas, such as the specially commissioned rock art, the stylish office suite with its sleek chrome and brown crocodile leather furniture as well as the panoramic gym with stunning views.

Naturally, in a home like this, the outdoor areas claim a significant part of the appeal and the quality of life offered. One of the most attractive and distinguishing features of this beautiful modern home is the outdoor seating area that overlooks a sleekly styled swimming pool and the chill-out lounge deck that runs on from it and links with a waterfall feature and a terraced pool designed for peaceful relaxation and contemplation of the natural splendour all around.

Look ahead and you see Marbella and the sea, turn back and the protected greenery at the base of the iconic La Concha Mountain opens up before you. The seating area at the heart of it all is more an outdoor lounge than a mere terrace, featuring comfortable sunken seats in the finest Modernist tradition around a solid handmade lacquered table. Covered and protected from the elements, it is nonetheless an outdoor area in nature – and the spot perfect from which to enjoy this unique villa in its stunning setting.

Pia Arrieta, 02 Jan 2014 - Property

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