The most expensive villas in Marbella or in Spain, are you sure you know which ones they are?

Share Diana Morales | Jun 17 2009

Recently, one of those articles that periodically comes to life was published, where a real estate portal talks about the most expensive and exclusive properties in Spain. Such studies are later on spread over the internet and even important media groups reproduce the information as news without worrying too much about the veracity of the information. This implies a lot of work from the marketing department of those real estate portals as well as free publicity.

According to a recent study (spanish), done this time by, the most expensive property in Spain is in Marbella, and costs 25 million Euros. At the beginning of the year (spanish) did the same and actually the most expensive property was in Port d`Andratx and the asking price was 18,5 million Euros, whereas the most expensive villa in Marbella was at 12.5 million.

It’s not the first time that articles like these are written, and it won’t be the last, but it is convenient to note that the facts used to draw up conclusions are not so reliable given that the properties considered are those which appear in the portal’s data base. And anyone who knows about the luxury real estate market in Marbella or any other place knows that these conclusions are no where near correct.

In Marbella you can find really exceptional properties in a great variety of prices and very probably the most expensive in all of Spain, but if there is something that hasn’t changed over the years in which Diana Morales Properties has been working in Marbella, is that when there is a truly unique property, with a price that is only accessible to a few privileged people in the World, it won’t be publicised. We do not see it in magazines, or with sales sign on it and even less, advertised in a real estate portal.

How does one get to these properties?

Many years of work and serious dedication are needed to build the necessary reputation as a real estate agent in order to get the owners of these types of properties to trust the sale of their property to a real estate agency.

Later on, the agent will offer the property only to that client who he/she considers appropriate, once he/she knows what the client is looking for exactly.

In Diana Morales Properties we are very respectful in these types of situations and we greatly value the personal relationship with a client. We like to build a solid relationship based on trust with clients to be able to fully understand what they are looking for. Only in this way, we can later on recur to, and only if necessary, the contacts made over the nearly 30 years of dedication to real estate to be able to find the right property. And if the property we have in mind is not available for sale, more than once we have suggested to the owner that he/she sell it.

Internet is an excellent tool and we wouldn’t be able to work without it, but when it comes to finding exceptional properties, be it in Marbella or some where else, it is essential to count on the help of an established real estate agent with many years of experience. Only like this will the client have access to a source of reliable information about everything available in the area and also what is available unofficially.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you are looking for that special property which you haven’t found yet.

Diana Morales

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