Selling Property in Spain: Appointing a Real Estate Agent

Share Diana Morales | Jul 8 2008

Once you have decided to sell your spanish property you will ask yourself whether you need the services of a real estate agent or not. Shall I call a real estate agent? If so, shall I appoint a sole agent or several agents?

Some sellers, although they are few, decide to try to sell their property themselves. They think they can save some money by not paying any agent’s commission or that they can do better than the agent. An opinion that deserves all our respect.

However, those sellers must be aware that they will have to undertake some tasks for which they may not be adequately qualified. These are daily performed by professional real estate agents. They include preparation of property details and photos, booking advertising space, designing ads, inclusion in property websites and their marketing, answering enquiries and follow-ups, organising inspection trips, marketing through co-operating agents or networks of agents and sub-agents, negotiating offers and carrying out all jobs until the completion of the sale.

Also advising and helping the new owner to settle in his new home is an involving task. All of this is done in the language of the purchaser who in most cases is a foreigner who does not speak Spanish and will be more comfortable communicating in his mother tongue with a reliable, professional estate agent who is experienced in assisting new home buyers.

It is also interesting to note that sellers are not often good negotiators when it comes to selling their own property, as they may be emotionally attached to it, which could make the sales process difficult. Once you have decided to delegate the sale of your property to a real estate agent, the next question will be whether to appoint one or several agents.

To help you analyse the pros and cons of appointing a sole agent, read our article “To be or not to be exclusive“.

Diana Morales, Principal of DM Properties.

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