Design Hills Dolce&Gabbana Marbella: A new gem on the Golden Mile

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Situated within Marbella's prized Golden Mile, the highly-anticipated Design Hills Dolce&Gabbana Marbella presents a unique concept that combines residential, fashion, art, leisure and gastronomy.

This reveal marks Dolce&Gabbana's inaugural step into the European Real Estate realm. Occupying an extensive plot of nearly 90,000m2, Design Hills will soon be the home to 92 distinct residences developed by Sierra Blanca Estates, a pioneer in branded residences in Marbella.

Marbella Design Hills by Dolce&Gabanna

Located in the heart of the Golden Mile, Marbella, just opposite the well-known Epic development on the road to Istan, the project will consist of 92 residences, notable for their expansive design, spread across a longitudinal stretch of 500 meters and elevated roughly 40 meters above sea level. This strategic alignment grants residents a panoramic vista of the Mediterranean coastline. From the exterior, five contemporary buildings rise majestically, surrounded by lush gardens and infinity pools. Internally, every residence is adorned with Dolce&Gabbana Casa creations, ranging in size from 220 to 1,580m2 and 1 to 5 bedrooms.

Elegance is present throughout: master bedrooms offer a view of the sea, while the amenities list includes everything from massage and make-up rooms, private outdoor spaces with sea views, rooftop terraces, to an advanced home automation system connecting residents to the concierge and hospitality team.

Marbella Design Hills by Dolce&Gabanna

Drawing inspiration from the Fibonacci sequence and the golden ratio, every element of Design Hills resonates with the landscape. The buildings themselves are a visual ascent, with each forming a grand staircase facing the sea. Aiding this visual delight is the façade incorporating unique 'mojarabie' porcelain modules, reflecting not just the brilliance of modern architecture but also paying homage to the rich cultural heritage of Andalusia and which we are delighted to see making a comeback.

Marbella Design Hills by Dolce&Gabanna

The common areas redefine luxury amenities. The development offers luxurious residences and public areas crafted for the residents' enjoyment, boasting high-end amenities such as a luxury shopping boulevard, gourmet dining spots, state-of-the-art sports facilities, virtual golf simulator, a SPA & Wellness Centre, a private club, and even a Kids Club.

Prices start at 3,750,000 € and there is already a waiting list of eager buyers.

With construction already underway, the show-flat is scheduled for a 2025 reveal and completion of the project is expected by 2027. The journey of Design Hills Dolce&Gabbana Marbella promises a transformative vision for the Golden Mile.

Marbella Design Hills by Dolce&Gabanna

As recently highlighted in the 2023 Knight Frank’s Global Branded Residences Report, the luxury branded residences market is set to see a 55% surge by 2026, and Marbella has been ahead of the curve. It has already seen notable branded residences such as Epic Marbella in association with Fendi Casa, Elie Saab Villas, and Karl Lagerfeld Villas. Marbella's Design Hills, combined with Fendi and Karl Lagerfeld, will complete a 'golden triangle' of branded real estate in the Golden Mile, accentuating Marbella's stature in the luxury real estate sphere.

Mariano Beristain, 07 Jun 2024 - News

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