The Design Journey of Heidi Gubbins: Mastering Marbella’s Luxury Spaces

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In the realm of Marbella luxury interior design, Heidi Gubbins is one of the leading lights. With a keen eye for aesthetics and a passion that transcends design, Heidi has carved a niche for herself in Marbella’s rarefied world of high-end interiors. This profile is part of Inside Marbella Luxury series by Diana Morales Properties – Knight Frank in Marbella shines a spotlight on such luminaries in order to showcase their journey and vision.

Who is Heidi Gubbins?

Heidi Gubbins, Marbella interior designerHeidi Gubbins is an interior designer who combines aesthetics, functionality, and meticulous attention to detail in her work. With the soul of an artist, she approaches design with the dedication of a craftsman. Quality over quantity is her mantra, allowing her to immerse herself fully in each project she undertakes. For Heidi, design means more than just visual appeal; it's about creating environments that enhance the quality of life. Throughout her career she has held dear to her belief that spaces, whether homes, workplaces, or commercial venues, should contribute positively to our well-being.

Foundations and Vision

Heidi Gubbins has been in the design industry since 2004 and launched her own creative atelier and design studio at the beginning of 2019, located on the illustrious Golden Mile in Marbella. Her team comprises creative interior designers, architects, in-house logistics managers, as they work alongside international and local craftsmen to bring their ideas to life.

Introduced to design during the refurbishment of her home in Portugal at the age of 21, Heidi's passion for the field grew organically. She recalls the joy of choosing materials, colours, and textures, and the thrill of seeing her ideas come to life. This early experience laid the foundation for her career in design.

Heidi's design philosophy emphasises starting each project with a fresh perspective. She affirms, “in order to think out of the box, it’s key for me to start at level “0” and see how our creativity develops,” ensuring that every project is unique. She believes in the importance of understanding her clients, listening to their needs, and observing their lifestyles to create designs that resonate with them.

Approach to Design

Heidi's boutique approach to design focuses on creating personalised and unique design stories. As she says, “We are sensorial beings and taking the time to understand how a person lives and likes to feel in a space is paramount for how our creative ideas come to life, as we want to fulfil our client’s wishes”.

Terrace in Puerto Banus Villa

She believes in the power of contrast, juxtaposing simplicity with grandeur, and infusing her designs with elements that stand out. For Heidi, spaces should evoke unforgettable feelings, much like a memorable dish or a beautiful piece of music.

Challenges and Industry Insights

Heidi acknowledges the challenges that come with working in the luxury real estate industry, such as project deadlines, delivery delays, and material shortages. However, she overcomes these by emphasising the importance of patience, consistent follow-up, and maintaining good relationships with suppliers and clients. Indeed, Heidi and her team are involved in every aspect of the design process, from the creative concept to the final installation.

In terms of industry trends, she already uses architectural and CGI visualisation programs that allows her studio to work through each phase of client projects, which also helps clients visualise the finished project during the journey.

Main bedroom in El Madroñal Villa

Heidi nods to the growing influence of AI and is curious about its future impact on the design industry, stating that she hopes the technology will enhance the design process without compromising human creativity.

Reflection from Pia Arrieta, managing partner at DM Properties on Heidi Gubbins

Pia Arrieta comments, "Heidi's designs are a testament to her dedication and passion for the craft. Her ability to weave a client's personality into the fabric of her designs is a gift and is evident in every project she undertakes.

LivingRoom in Camojan Villa

In Marbella, where luxury is a standard, Heidi's creations stand out, not just for their opulence but for their soul, with every space she designs not just a visual treat but a sensory experience."

Notable Achievements

Heidi's commitment to excellence has earned her several accolades, including the Luxury Lifestyle Award for the best Interior Design Studio in Marbella in 2021 and the European Property Awards for Best Leisure Interior in 2022.

Defining Luxury Real Estate

For Heidi, luxury is in the details. She believes that the quality of the finished product defines an exclusive property. Factors like location, architecture, layout, lighting, and the highest quality materials play a crucial role in determining luxury. From a design perspective, achieving luxury requires a harmonious blend of functionality, technology, architectural elements, and interior design – all of which, it is generally agreed, Heidi excels.

Heidi Gubbins: Data Facts

  • Name: Heidi Gubbins
  • Profession: Luxurious Interior Designer
  • Location: Marbella Real 20, Av. Boulevard Principe Alfonso de Hohenlohe, 29602, Marbella, Spain
  • Telephone - Showroom: +34 673 63 81 35
  • Email:
  • Telephone - Warehouse & Logistics: +34 637 07 78 36
  • Orders Email:
  • Website:
  • Services Offered: Residential Interior Design, Commercial Interior Design, Refurbishment & Renovations, Architecture, Show Homes, Digital Home Staging, Project Consultation & Planning, Bespoke Furniture, Lighting, Outdoor furniture, Kitchens, Bathrooms, Landscaping, Soft furnishings, Art, Accessories, Cad Drawings, 3D Renderings, and more.

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