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Marbella, the iconic seaside resort on the Costa del Sol, is one of the most popular places in Europe for holidays, and for expats eager to embrace the many advantages of living in this cosmopolitan, sun-dappled city. While there is so much to do and see in Marbella itself, it is also perfectly located to explore other Spanish Mediterranean towns, as well as the beautiful and fascinating region of Andalucía.

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An extensive, mature transport infrastructure is one of the many benefits of living in this part of Spain, with easy, convenient methods of travelling along the coast, as well as hopping further afield. One of the most romantic ways to see the city is riding a traditional horse and carriage, although a quicker method from A-to-B are buses, which are plentiful, accessible and very reasonably priced, while there are a variety of taxi services to choose from if you want point-to-point travel. For a slower pace, and a wonderful way to see the coast, there is a ferry that runs between Puerto Banús and Marbella, while those who wish to travel in style can find a selection of luxury car hire firms.

In this guide, we aim to give a comprehensive breakdown of how to get to your chosen destination, read on for more in-depth information on Marbella travel options.


The original, and most sustainable, form of transport is well supported in Marbella, and has seen the city steadily evolving into a bike-friendly location thanks to several initiatives and infrastructure developments focused on promoting cycling. This transformation includes expanding pedestrian areas, enhancing the Paseo Marítimo, and developing a comprehensive network of bike lanes, all contributing to a more eco-friendly approach to transportation.

Diverse and Scenic Routes

Marbella offers around 298 cycling routes, with terrain varying from flat to hilly to uphill. These routes include long-distance journeys like Marbella - Júzcar - Jubrique - Estepona (132 km) and shorter, more urban rides like Marbella-San Pedro-Marbella (21 km). This diversity caters to cyclists of all skill levels and preferences, ensuring an enjoyable experience whether one seeks a leisurely ride or a challenging adventure.

Pedestrianised Areas and Old Town Charm

The city's commitment to creating pedestrian-friendly zones greatly benefits cyclists. Marbella's charming Old Town, characterised by narrow streets and historic architecture, is now primarily pedestrianised, providing a safe and leisurely cycling environment. Family-friendly designs with smooth and secure paths are a hallmark of these areas, making cycling a safe activity for children as well.

Paseo Marítimo Enhancements

The Paseo Marítimo, a beautiful seafront promenade, has been significantly improved, offering wide and well-maintained paths for cyclists. Stretching for miles, it provides access to key areas in Marbella, including San Pedro de Alcántara, Puerto Banús, and Marbella’s Golden Mile. These enhancements enable safer and more extensive cycling routes, using the Paseo Marítimo as a primary conduit for cyclists.

Growing Network of Bike Lanes

The development of dedicated bike lanes throughout Marbella underscores the city's dedication to cycling infrastructure. These lanes not only ensure safer cycling but also serve as a practical alternative for commuting, aligning with eco-friendly transportation goals.


Exploring Nature and Countryside

Beyond the urban and coastal areas, Marbella's improved cycling infrastructure opens up opportunities to explore its breathtaking countryside and natural parks. Routes through Sierra de las Nieves Natural Park and the picturesque villages of Ojén and the popular route to Istán offer a blend of scenic beauty and challenging terrains for more experienced cyclists. The Puerta Verde de Marbella route, for instance, allows for an extended ride from Nueva Andalucía to Ronda, showcasing the region's natural splendour.

Cyclist-Friendly Amenities

In addition to the bike lanes, Marbella has integrated essential amenities for cyclists, including bike racks, repair stations, and bike-renting programs. These facilities make it convenient for both residents and tourists to access and maintain bicycles, further encouraging cycling in the city.

In conclusion, Marbella's approach to cycling encompasses a mix of scenic routes, dedicated bike lanes, pedestrian-friendly zones, and essential amenities, ensuring a safe, enjoyable, and eco-friendly cycling experience. Whether one seeks a leisurely ride along the coast, an urban exploration, or an adventurous journey through hilly terrains, Marbella caters to all kinds of cycling enthusiasts.

Bus Services

Marbella's bus network, managed by CTSA-Portillo, part of the Avanza Bus group, is a key component of the city's public transportation infrastructure, providing comprehensive services that cater to both local and inter-city travel needs.

The urban bus network includes seven daytime and four-night routes, connecting key areas within the city and its outskirts along the coast and further inland, making it an essential service for daily commuting, leisure trips, and access to popular locations like shopping centres, beaches, and residential areas.

In addition to local routes, the Marbella bus station serves as a crucial hub for inter-city connections, offering routes to various destinations, including:

  • Málaga Airport
  • Algeciras
  • Almería
  • Benalmádena Costa
  • Cádiz
  • Coín
  • Córdoba
  • Costa del Sol Hospital
  • Estepona
  • Fuengirola
  • Granada
  • Jaén
  • La Línea
  • Málaga
  • Nueva Andalucía
  • Ojén
  • Ronda
  • San Pedro Alcántara
  • Sevilla
  • Torremolinos
Bus Services

This expansive network allows for convenient and efficient travel to major cities and tourist destinations across the region, making it a popular choice for both residents and visitors.

The most popular routes, and time taken from Marbella, are shown below:

Marbella Centre to Puerto Banús

This route is relatively short, as Puerto Banús is just 5kms from Marbella Centre. The bus journey typically takes around 15-20 minutes, depending on traffic conditions.

Marbella Centre to La Cañada

La Cañada is a large and very popular shopping centre located on the outskirts of Marbella. The bus journey from Marbella Centre to La Cañada usually takes about 10-15 minutes, again depending on traffic.

Marbella Centre to San Pedro and Estepona

San Pedro de Alcántara is closer to Marbella than Estepona. The bus ride from Marbella Centre to San Pedro can take approximately 20-30 minutes.

For Estepona, which is further down the coast, the journey is longer. You can expect a bus ride from Marbella Centre to Estepona to take around 40-60 minutes, depending on the specific bus route and traffic conditions.

Marbella – Málaga

One of the most attractive cities for visitors in Spain, Málaga is a wonderful place to take a daytrip or to spend a long weekend. With the nickname of the ‘City of Museums,’ beautiful beaches and a wide selection of gourmet eateries, there is something for everyone to see and do here.


  • Current Status: There is no direct train connection between Málaga and Marbella. The train network ends at Fuengirola, approximately halfway between the two cities.
  • Future Possibilities: There's ongoing discussion about extending the train line to Marbella, but as of now, it remains a future possibility.
  • Alternative Route: You can take the C-1 Cercanías train line from Malaga to Fuengirola and then switch to a local bus for Marbella​​.

Airport - Direct Bus

  • Bus Companies: Avanza operates this route.
  • Daily Buses: There are 8 daily buses.
  • Departure Times: The earliest bus departs at 07:45 and the latest at 22:05.
  • Duration: The minimum trip duration is approximately 40 minutes, with an average duration of 45 minutes.
  • Price: The minimum price is around €10.
  • Distance: The distance covered is about 25 miles​​.

The direct, non-stop coach service operated by Avanza/Portillo between Málaga Airport and Marbella bus station provides a quick and comfortable journey. Tickets for this service can be purchased online, at the kiosk outside Málaga Airport's arrivals hall, or at the Marbella bus station ticket kiosk. The service is especially convenient for travellers, with luggage storage available in the compartment under the bus.

Contact Details

CTSA-Portillo (Main bus service provider in Marbella):

Airport Direct Bus

Marbella Bus Station:


The ticketing system in Marbella's bus network is designed to be user-friendly and economical. The service is an integral part of the town hall’s efforts at sustainability, with great efforts made to ensure that prices are accessible for visitors and residents alike. Standard fares start at 0.83 EUR with a Tarjeta Bonobús Ordinario, and 1.20 EUR for a Billete Sencillo. For frequent travellers, the Bonobús card, priced at 6.22 EUR, offers a cost-effective way to travel.

Free Bus Pass for Marbella Residents

The bus services in Marbella emphasise convenience and accessibility, with a commitment to improving and modernising the public transport system.

Marbella offers a unique benefit for its residents in the form of free bus travel. This program, initiated in 2019 and since extended, has been enjoyed by around 66,000 people, who have taken about six million journeys under this scheme. The Mobility Card, or Tarjeta de Movilidad, is available to anyone registered on the local census (the Padrón), irrespective of age or income, and is renewed every two years without any fee.

Further Information
Bus stops throughout Marbella are marked by blue posts displaying timetables. For the most accurate and updated information on routes, fares, and schedules, it's advisable to visit the official website of the municipal transportation company CTSA.
The initiative of labelling buses with route numbers and offering the Mobility Card for free travel to residents highlights the city's dedication to enhancing the user experience and promoting public transport.

Guide to Bus Services in Estepona

Estepona's bus services, operated primarily by Portillo/Avanza and locally by Autocares Ricardo, offer a range of options for both inter-city and local travel, with the main Estepona bus station conveniently located west of the old town, next to the Palacio de Exposiciones y Congresos, easily accessible from the town centre.

For inter-city travel, Portillo/Avanza provides routes that run along the coast and to other city destinations. Estepona is well-connected to Málaga Airport, with several bus lines operating from the arrivals at Terminal 3 of the airport and a journey time from Málaga Airport to Estepona taking approximately 1 hour and 15 minutes. Buses that service this route include L-601, L-603, L-604, and L-606, connecting the airport with Marbella, Estepona, Algeciras, and La Línea. The schedules for these routes vary, with multiple departures throughout the day.

Estepona also offers direct bus services to Málaga Airport with different schedules for weekdays, Saturdays, and Sundays & holidays. Additionally, there are bus services to Gibraltar Airport. The bus does not directly enter Gibraltar, but it’s a short walk from the bus station at La Línea to Gibraltar Airport. The direct service to La Línea from Estepona Bus Station is a faster and cheaper option, while the M-240 bus takes a scenic coastal route with various stops.

Local bus services in Estepona, provided by Autocares Ricardo, include the L1 and L2 lines. The L1 loops around the entire town, while the L2 primarily shuttles passengers up and down the coastline. These local buses are a convenient way to navigate around Estepona, catering to the needs of both residents and visitors.

Contact Details

Portillo/Avanza (Inter-city bus service):

Autocares Ricardo (Local bus service):

Ride-Sharing Services

In Marbella, the ride-sharing landscape offers a diverse array of services catering to different needs. These services are contacted predominantly through their apps which can be downloaded from app stores; however, they can also be contacted through their websites.

Ride Sharing Services
  • UberUber, renowned for its global presence, is a popular choice in Marbella for short, local journeys. It's known for its convenience and ease of use, making it a go-to option for many travellers and locals.
  • CabifyCabify, a Spanish-origin ride-hailing app, is widely used in Marbella. It offers various services including Cabify Classic, Cabify ASAP, Cabify Plus, Cabify Group, and Cabify Kids, catering to a range of requirements from standard rides to more luxury and family-oriented travel. Notably, Cabify is committed to sustainability, offsetting the CO₂ emissions for each trip and using electric motorcycles and scooters. Website:
  • Bolt, an Estonian-based ride-hail service, operates in Marbella alongside major Spanish cities. Similar to Cabify and Uber in functionality, Bolt is a strong alternative, especially useful for airport pick-ups and drop-offs. It stands out as a practical choice during peak travel seasons like summer and so far, has presented a cheaper option than Uber. Wesite:
  • BlaBlaCar, focusing on longer distances and intercity travel, offers a unique carpooling service. It connects drivers and passengers heading in the same direction, sharing fuel costs. This service is particularly handy for those looking to travel regionally, complementing Spain's efficient public transport system. Website:

Each of these services provides a distinct experience, from Uber's on-demand local trips to BlaBlaCar's community-focused long-distance journeys, giving residents and visitors in Marbella a range of flexible transportation.

Taxis in Marbella

In Marbella, the taxi service extends beyond mere convenience, catering to a range of needs and preferences. For those requiring special accessibility, most of Marbella’s taxis are modern and cater for disability, with the largest companies offering vehicles equipped for wheelchair access, though it's a good idea to arrange these in advance to ensure availability. Families travelling with young children can also find taxis with child safety seats, providing peace of mind during their journeys. It is important to note that there is no taxi “hailing” on the street like in other cities of the world, you will find taxi drivers will not stop. If you need to get a taxi you will need to make your way to one of the several taxi stations located around Marbella.

Fares begin at a standard charge, then the rate accumulates per kilometre travelled. It's important to note that these rates can vary slightly depending on the time of day, with nighttime and holiday fares being slightly higher. For a typical ride within the city, one might expect to pay between €10 and €20, although longer trips, such as those to the airport or nearby towns, will naturally cost more.

A few local tips can enhance the taxi experience in Marbella. It's often recommended to ask the driver for an estimated fare before beginning your journey, especially for longer distances. If you find yourself in a busy area or during peak hours, it might be easier to book a taxi in advance. This ensures that you won’t be waiting unnecessarily during busy periods.

Lastly, while most taxi drivers in Marbella are conversant in English, carrying a map or having the address of your destination will help avoid any language barrier issues. The drivers, known for their local knowledge, can often suggest the best routes or even local spots to visit, adding an extra layer of value to their service.

Taxis in Marbella

In summary, Marbella's taxi services are not just about getting from point A to B; they offer a comfortable, adaptable, and reliable mode of transport that enhances the overall experience of the city. Whether for a quick trip to the beach or a leisurely tour of the city's sights, taxis in Marbella cater to a wide range of needs, ensuring that every journey is as enjoyable as the destination itself.

Direct Taxi to Málaga Airport

Taxi fares range from €65 to €100, and can vary according to which service you use and at what time of day or night​​​​.

Contact Details

Taxisol Marbella:

Marbella Taxi:

Taxi Marbella 24h:

Train Services

Málaga's primary train station is called María Zambrano Station. This central hub is not only a point of departure and arrival for various train services but also a leisure destination due to its integrated Vialia Shopping Center. From María Zambrano, travellers can access a range of train services, including the high-speed AVE trains operated by Renfe, which have significantly transformed travel in Spain, making it the largest high-speed rail network in Europe. Iryo also operate trains from Málaga, with Iryo presenting a low-cost option direct to Madrid inaugurated in November 2021.

Direct connections from María Zambrano Station include major cities such as Madrid, with high-speed trains reducing travel time between Málaga and Madrid to approximately 2 hours and 30 minutes. Other direct or indirect connections facilitated by the AVE service extend to over 20 cities including Barcelona, Zaragoza, Valencia, Valladolid, and Seville, among others. For regional travel within Andalucía, services like the Avant high-speed, medium-distance trains offer efficient connections to cities such as Cordoba and Granada.

There has been much recent discussion about connecting the train line that currently runs from Málaga to Fuengirola with Marbella, however for the time being, this is still very much in the discussion stage. In order to reach Marbella, therefore, you can take the C-1 Cercanías train line from Malaga to Fuengirola and then switch to a local bus for Marbella​​. 

Fly Blue Catamaran

The Fly Blue - Gran Catamaran has become a staple of maritime travel between the charming ports of Puerto Banús and Marbella. This ferry service offers what must be one of the best commutes to work in the world, showcasing the stunning vistas of the Marbellí coast. The catamarans depart hourly from both Marbella and Puerto Banús and offer passengers panoramic views of landmarks like La Concha Mountain and the Summer Palace of the King of Saudi Arabia, visible uniquely from the sea.

The catamarans, equipped with ample seating, toilets, and sunbathing areas, also feature a cafeteria, where passengers can indulge in refreshments and snacks. The journey itself is a brief 30-minute excursion, perfectly blending convenience with scenic beauty.

Operating daily from March to November, the ferry ensures flexibility with its schedule, allowing passengers to return on any later trip. The pricing is equally appealing, with a one-way fare of 10 euros for adults and 6 euros for children, while a round trip costs 17.50 euros for adults and 10 euros for children.

Contact Details

This service is not just a means of transport but an experience, offering a relaxing and picturesque journey along the Costa del Sol.

Hire Cars

For many holidaymakers, hiring a car is the best way to get around, offering boundless flexibility and convenience. Luckily, Marbella is well-served by hire car companies, from international favourites to more specialised, high-end luxury options.

We have chosen a small selection of rental car companies here, but it’s by no means an exhaustive list, and bear in mind that there are even more rental car options on offer at Málaga Airport for those arriving into the country.
Hire Cars
Enterprise Rent-A-Car Enterprise

  • Address: Calle Severo Ochoa 6, COMPLEJO MIRAMAR, LOCAL 4, Marbella, MA, ES, 29603.
  • Telephone: +34 952 82 94 67.

Goldcar Goldcar

  • Address: Centro Comercial CAMOJÁN Esquina Avda. Buchinger S/N. Local 11, España.
  • Telephone:  +34 910 21 01 03.

Europcar Europcar

  • Address: Avda. Ricardo Soriano n.38, 29600 Marbella, España.
  • Telephone: +34 911 505 000.

For those who wish to either drive a car equivalent to the one they have at home, or join the glamorous life promised in Marbella, there are also luxury car hire companies who have selections of jaw-dropping luxury marques for hire.

If you are seeking luxury car hire in Marbella, several esteemed services offer a range of high-end vehicles to enhance your experience in this glamorous city.

Europe Luxury ServicesEurope Luxury Services

Their fleet of luxury cars includes the latest models from top-tier brands including Ferrari, Lamborghini, Porsche etc. From Supercars, hybrids, luxury SUVs or executive sedan, there’s a model for you.

Delivery throughout Europe – car delivered and picked up to wherever suits the client.

The Luxury Car Hire Club logo luxury car

Specialises in world-class executive, sports, and exotic cars, including brands like Lamborghini, Ferrari, Aston Martin, Bentley, Porsche, BMW, Range Rover, and Rolls Royce with a Chauffeur.

Offers a red-carpet service with delivery to any chosen location and a special collection & drop-off service at Malaga Airport.

The fleet includes cars from their very own fleet, ensuring a first-class experience.

Flexible rental options available, from a day to long-term rentals.

These car hire services provide an excellent way to explore Marbella at your own pace, whether for business or leisure. With a range of vehicles and pricing options, visitors can choose the service that best fits their needs and budget.

Horse and Carriage

While not strictly a practical form of transport, taking a horse and carriage trip around the town is an iconic way to view the best sights of Marbella. Horse and carriages can be hired from the rank by the lush, tropical gardens of the Alameda in the very centre of the town. Taking a relaxing, sedate turn through the cobbled streets by day or night is really one of the best ways to travel. Prices are reasonable and tours last from half an hour to an hour-long.


Residents of the upmarket gated community of La Zagaleta can avail themselves of helicopter transfers to the airport or indeed, any other trip, thanks to the heliport that is situated within the urbanisation.

For others seeking a unique and upscale mode of transportation in Marbella, Heliair Marbella offers an exclusive experience. This helicopter service provides a spectacular aerial view of the city, catering to various needs such as VIP transfers, special events, or simply an unforgettable sightseeing adventure. Operating from their heliport in Puerto Banús, Heliair Marbella ensures a luxurious and efficient travel option, perfect for those who wish to enjoy Marbella's scenic beauty from above or need a quick and stylish commute.

For further information or to arrange a service, you can contact Heliair Marbella at:

Heliair Marbella's unique offerings add an extraordinary dimension to the transportation options available in Marbella, making it a standout choice for those seeking both luxury and convenience​​.


In conclusion, Marbella offers a diverse and efficient transportation system that caters to the needs of both residents and visitors. From the well-connected bus services and reliable taxi networks to the more personalised options like car rentals and bike hires, there is a mode of transport to suit every preference and requirement.

The city’s commitment to sustainable transportation is evident in its promotion of walking and cycling, making it not only a convenient but also an environmentally friendly destination. Whether you're exploring the historic old town, visiting the luxurious Puerto Banús, or enjoying the scenic coastal views, Marbella’s transportation network ensures a comfortable, accessible, and enjoyable experience.

With these options at your disposal, navigating Marbella becomes an integral part of the city's charm, offering a seamless blend of convenience and the opportunity to immerse oneself in the vibrant local culture.

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