González & Jacobson Arquitectura: A Legacy of Innovation and Excellence in Real Estate

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At the heart of the architectural renaissance on the Costa del Sol lies González & Jacobson Arquitectura, a firm that has become synonymous with innovation, versatility, and excellence in real estate. Founded nearly 30 years ago by the Venezuelan landscape architect Carlos A. González Mora and his Mexican counterpart Rodolfo Amieva Jacobson, the firm started in a modest 20m² office in the El Rosario commercial centre in Marbella. Today, it operates from its lush Mediterranean pine-surrounded location in Urb. Hacienda Las Chapas, Marbella, a move in 1997 that marked one of the firm's most strategic and fruitful decisions.

Gonzalez and Jacobson

Team and Expertise

Under the stewardship of its founding architects and Diego Macías Domínguez, González & Jacobson Arquitectura has evolved into a multidisciplinary powerhouse. The firm employs 20 dedicated professionals and collaborates with numerous engineering teams, some of whom have been integral to the firm for over two decades. This blend of talent and experience enables the team to manage all stages of architectural projects with exceptional skill and attention to detail.

Rodolfo Amieva's Story

Rodolfo Amieva's journey into architecture began with a childhood fascination with drawing, a path he chose almost serendipitously after being captivated by a drawing instruments exhibition. His academic pursuits at ITESM University in Mexico solidified his passion. Amieva's architectural style is a reflection of his natural observation skills and extensive travels, leading to a diverse and evolving portfolio influenced by various trends and styles. He firmly believes that "an architect must continue advancing, investigating, and discovering new ways to do architecture," a philosophy that has become a hallmark of González & Jacobson's work.

Notable Projects and Achievements

The firm's portfolio is a tribute to their commitment to excellence, featuring prominent projects like La Trinidad, Imara, the Breathe restaurant, Greenlife, La Finca de Marbella, Oasis de Banús, and Laguna de Banús. Each project represents their unique approach to architecture as a transformative element that harmoniously interacts with its environment, aiming to improve both the physical landscape and the lives of its inhabitants.

Breathe Marbella

Design Philosophy and Client Collaboration

González & Jacobson Arquitectura's design philosophy is anchored in excellence, which transcends mere material luxury. This excellence is reflected in every design and construction process, client interaction, and thoughtful considerations to achieve the best outcome. A memorable collaboration cited by the architects to illustrate this is the creation of the Breathe restaurant, where the firm worked closely with the client to conceptualise every aspect of the project, from culinary offerings to building volumes, materials, décor, and even graphic design.

Adapting to Changing Trends

The firm has adeptly navigated the changing architectural landscape in the Costa del Sol. From traditional Andalucian architecture in the early '90s to incorporating larger windows and new elements post-European Union integration, and adapting to state-of-the-art architecture post the 1987 crisis, González & Jacobson has remained at the forefront of architectural innovation.


Technological Integration and Sustainability

Embracing the rapid pace of technological advancement, González & Jacobson Arquitectura seamlessly integrates cutting-edge technology into their design and construction processes. This approach has significantly enhanced energy savings, comfort, and security within their projects. As Rodolfo states, "architecture evolves at the same pace as technological advancements," highlighting their commitment to using industrialised solutions that align with the latest technological developments.
Sustainability is a key consideration for the team, who have developed projects adhering to various sustainability standards like BREEAM and Passivhaus. Their focus is on selecting appropriate materials and construction systems that optimise energy consumption and natural resource use. They balance active sustainability through new technologies with passive sustainability, including factors such as optimal solar and wind orientation and the use of sustainable materials. This commitment is not only a reflection of their design principles but also a response to the growing client demand for eco-friendly solutions.

Challenges in Luxury Real Estate

The luxury real estate sector presents its unique set of challenges, with, in their experience, the primary challenge being the scarcity of skilled labour. Rodolfo attributes this to the aftermath of the late '80s crisis, which saw a generation of construction experts retire without passing on their skills. Coupled with a lack of familiarity with new materials and technologies, this often turns construction sites into experimental grounds rather than places for flawless execution. The firm navigates these challenges by treating each project as an opportunity for learning and innovation.

Gonzalez Jacobson The Collection

Defining Luxury in Marbella

For González & Jacobson, luxury in Marbella's real estate transcends the mere use of expensive materials. It encompasses the location, views, size, spatial configuration, proportions, and distribution of a property. They believe that luxury is not just in the materials used but in the overall essence and experience a property offers, with the sum of all the details and decisions taken creating a luxurious whole.

Future Trends and Excitements

Looking to the future, the company anticipates that sustainability will be the overarching trend in all architectural styles, not just high-end design. They foresee a global shift towards optimising energy and natural resources in architectural projects, regardless of the prevailing styles or trends.


Design Philosophy

Summing up their design philosophy and work ethic, it is evident that González & Jacobson firmly stands on four pillars: constant learning, creativity, experience, and honesty. These principles are the foundation of their excellence and are obvious in every project they undertake.
González & Jacobson Arquitectura stands as a paragon of innovation, sustainability, and excellence in the world of luxury real estate and architecture. Their forward-thinking approach, combined with a deep commitment to environmental responsibility and technological integration, positions them at the forefront of contemporary architectural design.

More information:

  • Foundation Year: Established in 1993.
  • Leadership: Currently led by Rodolfo Amieva Jacobson and Diego Macías Domínguez.
  • Services Offered: Specializes in architecture, interior design, landscaping, and urban planning.
  • International Reach: Their work extends internationally, with a significant presence in Mexico, Morocco, and Spain.
  • Design Philosophy: Focuses on a holistic approach to architecture, blending aesthetics with practicality, and a strong connection to Mediterranean traditions.
  • Project Variety: Involved in a wide range of projects including single-family residences, multifamily housing, tertiary uses, and more.
  • Innovation and Sustainability: Continuously adapts to changing trends with a focus on sustainability and environmental responsibility.

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