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Welcome to the Diana Morales|Knight Frank Professional Series, where we spotlight the individuals and enterprises shaping luxury real estate and design in Marbella. In this instalment, we take a look at ID Latinia, a distinguished interior design studio known for its innovative approach and commitment to creating spaces that reflect the unique lifestyles of its clients.
María Florido and Ruth García
Thanks to the creative backgrounds of founders María Florido and Ruth García, ID Latinia displays artistry and elegance, transforming homes into ideal living spaces for their clients. Join us as we explore the ethos, journey, and standout projects of ID Latinia, examining insights into their philosophy which crafts a sanctuary of calm and well-being from each space they work on.

Founding and Evolution

The journey began on Calle Califa in Nueva Andalucía, where María and Ruth founded ID Latinia, opening their interior design studio for the first time. Embracing growth and the vibrant spirit of Marbella, they then made a strategic move to Puerto Banús, Playas del Duque in 2016. Today, the studio thrives as a close-knit team comprised of the two founding partners, María and Ruth, along with two dedicated employees, as the company goes from strength-to-strength based on a philosophy of personal commitment and hands-on involvement in every project.

Founders' Background

Ruth, with her experience in Art Direction for film and television, and María, whose career began in the fashion industry, bring a richly diverse creative background to ID Latinia. Their shared passion for design and creating interesting spaces that stand the test of time led them naturally to the world of interior design.

“our transition to the realm of interior design was completely natural, as an evolution of our previous occupations." - María Florido and Ruth García

Ruth's fascination with creating spaces that influence those who inhabit them, and María's attraction to the experimental aspects of fashion, fuelled their transition into interior design from their diverse backgrounds, allowing for the development of lasting and impactful designs.

Influences and Style

dining room from CASA MALTA
ID Latinia's design ethos is shaped by a myriad of inspirations, from the simplicity and authenticity of textiles and natural materials to the beauty of nature. The studio embraces the "Slow Living" trend, focusing on creating spaces that promote healing and well-being.

Ruth finds inspiration in the architectural integration with nature seen in Latin American countries, while María is moved by the complex simplicity of Japanese architecture, and how that design fosters contemplative living spaces.

At the core of ID Latinia's work is the understanding that the client is at the heart of each project. The studio uses interior design to materialise the aspirations and dreams of its clients, as María and Ruth distinguish their work through flexibility and a client-centred approach. ID Latinia champions a collaborative design process, fostering open and transparent communication. This approach has led to memorable collaborations which in turn have become enduring friendships.

Sustainability and Future Vision

house that show sustainability
Both agree that the growth of design technology has significantly enhanced their capability to offer innovative and personalised solutions, further augmenting the luxury living experience, however they are also keen to integrate sustainability and eco-friendly elements into their designs, responding to a growing demand for environmentally conscious spaces.

Over the years, the industry's shift towards sustainability and well-being has influenced the founders to value quality over quantity, incorporating natural elements and focusing on details that create inviting, tranquil spaces where their clients feel truly at home.

Looking towards the future, the duo are excited about the possibilities of integrating technology and sustainability, anticipating a trend towards natural elements and designs that connect with the environment.

Design Philosophy

In their own words, María and Ruth aim to create spaces that inspire relaxation and well-being, focusing on attention to detail to bring tranquillity to the homes of their clients. This philosophy has guided them through challenges and opportunities alike, as they continue to leave a mark on Marbella's luxury real estate sector with their creativity and passion for their craft.

Data Facts:

  • Founding Year and Location: ID Latinia was founded in 2002 in Nueva Andalucía, Marbella. From 2016, they have been based in their studio in Puerto Banús, Playas del Duque.
  • Founding Partners: The studio was founded by María Florido and Ruth García
  • Team Composition: María and Ruth plus two other dedicated employees. They can also call on a host of close and trusted collaborators in many other spheres, such as architecture, construction and landscaping.
  • Design Philosophy: ID Latinia’s ethos is deeply rooted in creating spaces that reflect the unique lifestyles of their clients, focusing on calm, well-being, and the "Slow Living" trend.
  • Location and Contact Information:
    • Current Studio Address: Puerto Banús, Playas del Duque, Marbella.
    • Website: ID Latinia About Page
    • Contact Info: Provided on their website for direct communication and inquiries.

Pia Arrieta, 17 May 2024 - Professional Series

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