Southwest or Southeast? The two most sought-after orientations of Property in Marbella

Southeast Marbella view, Luxury Villa

It’s all a question of orientation, but the debate about which represents the ideal view and positioning of a home on the Costa del Sol is one that is likely never to be resolved. You see, it’s based upon personal preference, and like taste and beauty, that is entirely in the eye of the beholder. All we can do is inform our clients, highlighting the specific characteristics of each orientation and matching these with the needs and lifestyle of the people in question.

Southeast Marbella view, Luxury Villa

Traditionally a south-easterly orientation has been the most sought-after for a property in Marbella, offering sunny mornings when the sun rises out of the east but cooler evenings as its set behind the house – so to speak – off to the western side. This emphasis on early day exposure to the sun is perhaps one born out of the Costa del Sol’s tourist trade, and the preference of tourists to soak up the sun during the day.

Spanish holidaymakers, however, are more inclined to opt for a southwesterly setting as it means the house is cool in the mornings and warmer in the evenings, when they prefer to come out and socialise after their midday siestas. There is, therefore, no right or wrong regarding the perfect orientation of a house in Marbella – it all depends on your personal preferences and what you use the property for.

Which also has its implications if you are planning to use the property not just as a summer holiday home but to live there year-round. Fulltime Marbella residents, like foreign tourists, tend to prefer a south-easterly orientation that catches the sun in the morning and warms it pleasantly during the day in the winter months. The fact that this makes for warmer morning temperatures in the summer is neither here not there as many will be off to work in air-conditioned offices anyway, but by the time they arrive at home the house will already be cooling, making for a more even balance between morning and evening, summer and winter.

Southwest orientation, Marbella Property

However, another important consideration is the fact that the best sea views on the Costa del Sol tend to be southwesterly, from Marbella along the Mediterranean coast to Gibraltar and North Africa – so if you want to see those magnificent sunsets colouring the sky orange behind their characteristic outlines, southwest is has to be.

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