La Albaida Interior Design: A Family Passion

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In this edition of the DM Professional Profiles Series, we explore the legacy of LA ALBAIDA INTERIOR DESIGN, a family-run company that epitomises the fusion of passion, creativity, and a commitment to excellence in the realm of interior design and decoration. Read on to find out about how the company was founded by the mother of the current owners through to how it came to its current high standing in the competitive world of Marbella’s luxury interior design sector.

La Albaida

Like Mother, Like Daughters

LA ALBAIDA was founded in 1992 by María Pura Pidal in Málaga, marking her venture into entrepreneurship at the age of 48 and realising her ambition in the field of interior design. Her daughters, who later joined the business, fondly regard her legacy as an inspirational example of hard work, perseverance, and dedication.

Today, LA ALBAIDA is spearheaded by María Pura Pidal's daughters, Mar and Cristina Barroso, who have inherited an enthusiasm and dedication to the art of interior design. During the inception of LA ALBAIDA, Mar was to be found studying Economics at the University of Málaga, however, she began working with her mother two years before finishing her degree, driven by a passion for interior design and decoration passed on by her mother.

Her education in Economics has since proven valuable in managing the business side of the company, though she primarily focuses on its creative direction. Cristina, her sister, is equally integral to the business, managing the commercial and marketing strategies, ensuring the brand's growth and its resonance within a competitive market and contributing significantly to the company's success.

Together, the sisters oversee a team of more than 20 professionals, including interior designers, installation specialists, and administrative staff, each contributing to the company's success and reputation for quality.


Expanding Horizons and Unique Locations

LA ALBAIDA's journey from its roots in Málaga to its current presence on both Marbella’s Golden Mile and Málaga is a story of growth, change, and unwavering passion for unique and historically significant architecture.

For 30 years, their studio was located in the same spot in Málaga. However, last year they took the decision to move, though not too far from their original location. Their new studio is situated on Paseo de Reding, within Las Casas de Felix Sáenz, a notable and protected building designed by architect Fernando Guerrero Strachan.
In 1997, the company established LA ALBAIDA's presence in Marbella, setting up in the Los Portales building, a place for which they’ve “grown quite fond”. Two years ago, they expanded their space further by acquiring the adjacent premises formerly belonging to Gastón y Daniela, which also allowed them to represent their brand in Marbella. This expansion increased both their workspace and exhibition area.

We consider ourselves fortunate as both of our studios occupy such unique locations - Mar Barroso

Interior by La Albaida

Design Inspiration

The company's portfolio of diverse and impactful projects showcases its ability to marry local craftsmanship with global design sensibilities.

The design philosophy of LA ALBAIDA is profoundly influenced by the connection between a space and the surrounding environment. This guiding principle shapes the creative team’s approach to each project, ensuring their designs resonate with the local culture and landscape. Mar also explains that their travels also significantly influence style, drawing inspiration from local handicrafts and materials from around the world – rattan and lacquered pieces from Burma, arrow cane from Colombia, ceramics from Morocco, and antique pieces from France can all be incorporated into their designs. These elements enable LA ALBAIDA to create spaces that are not only aesthetically pleasing but also rich in cultural significance.

Notable Projects

  • Sotogrande House: Among Mar’s most treasured projects is the first house they built in Sotogrande, a breathtaking location in the south of Spain. Its unique position, overlooking Morocco and Gibraltar with the Mediterranean in the background, renders it a truly enchanting place. The opportunity to continue working there is highly valued by the team, as it exemplifies their commitment to blending the inherent beauty of a location with their design ethos.
  • Lebanon Project: The work undertaken in Lebanon holds a special place in the hearts of the LA ALBAIDA team. Immersing themselves in the country and collaborating with local artisans offered an unforgettable experience. This project is a testament to their dedication to incorporating local cultures and crafts into their designs.
  • Málaga Towers: LA ALBAIDA is currently engaged in exciting projects at Málaga Towers, in partnership with Metrovacesa. This development epitomises the evolution of Málaga city, and their involvement highlights their commitment to contributing to the urban landscape's growth and transformation.
  • Reding41: The renovation of "Reding41," a house dating back to 1922, stands out as a project of particular pride. Despite the extensive renovation, their goal was to preserve the home's essence. They retained the original Mosaico Nolla floors, restored the doors and windows to their natural wood, and applied stucco to the corridor walls. As detailed on its own Instagram account following the renovation, this project demonstrates LA ALBAIDA's ability to merge historical preservation with contemporary design.

Each project undertaken by LA ALBAIDA reflects an innate feeling for design that honours the uniqueness of each location, the significance of local craftsmanship, and their dedication to creating spaces that are meant to be truly lived in and experienced.

LA ALBAIDA's design ethos is centred around creating spaces that are not just aesthetically pleasing but are truly meant to be lived in and underscores the company's commitment to creating environments that are welcoming and protective.

Our philosophy is that no matter how luxurious the house is, it has to be a home – Mar Barroso

Camojan living room

Embracing Technology and Sustainability

In response to the dynamic nature of the design industry, LA ALBAIDA has adeptly incorporated technology to enhance the luxury living experience, offering clients realistic previews of their projects. The company's dedication to sustainability and eco-friendly design reflects a growing awareness among clients of the importance of environmental consciousness.

Looking to the Future

As Mar looks ahead, she anticipates a continued focus on comprehensive service and the delivery of homes that are ready for immediate occupancy. "Increasingly, a 360’ service is fundamental to the clients who buy these homes," she reflects, as the changing landscape of luxury real estate and the needs of clients continue to evolve.

La Abaida Sotogrande

Data Facts:

  • Founded: 1991 by María Pura Pidal.
  • Leadership: Sisters Mar and Cristina Barroso.
  • Team: Over 20 professionals.
  • Locations: Málaga and Marbella.
  • Website:
  • Marbella Showroom:
  • Malaga Showroom:
  • Philosophy: "Balance, proportion, and local connection with the environment. Spaces not to be shown, but to be lived in, spaces with soul."

Pia Arrieta, 27 Feb 2024 - The Professional Series - Inside Marbella Luxury

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