Pedro Peña: A Legacy of Luxury Interior Design

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In our Inside Marbella Luxury series examining the professional luminaries of Marbella’s real estate and design world, it was inevitable that we would arrive at Pedro Peña’s door, the interior design leader who is celebrated for his avant-garde creations, establishing a distinctive and exclusive style that has endured through the decades.

Who is Pedro Peña?

Photo of Pedro Peña
With over 40 years of experience, Peña has become a point of reference for Marbella’s luxury interior design scene, honing his talents through exposure to various artistic currents on the international scene. His projects, both nationally and internationally, particularly in cities like Paris, London, New York, Madrid, and notably Marbella—the focal point of his inspiration—stand out for their originality and exclusivity.

Read on to find out more about what inspires him, his studio and showroom and what the future holds for this inspirational Marbella stalwart.

Foundation and Evolution

The inception of Pedro Peña's eponymous company in 1972 marked the beginning of a transformative journey in the luxury interior design industry. Peña's early fascination with architecture laid the groundwork for what would become a lifelong passion for design. His formative years were spent immersed in the vibrant artistic circles of Madrid during the 60s and 70s, a period that profoundly influenced his aesthetic sensibilities and approach to space, form, and colour.

However, it was his eventual move to Marbella that truly catalysed his career in interior design. The dynamic social scene of Marbella at the time, coupled with its connections to renowned architects, provided the perfect backdrop for Peña to merge his architectural knowledge with his burgeoning interest in the arts.

Despite his architectural studies providing a solid foundation, Peña's career in interior design was largely self-taught, characterised by hands-on experience and a relentless pursuit of design excellence, empowered for a passion for the arts. This artistic approach allowed him to develop a unique style that has no comparison.

Today, the company has expanded its offering with a multidisciplinary team of nearly a hundred professionals, a state-of-the-art custom furniture production facility, an exclusive showroom featuring prestigious brands, and an art gallery. This endeavour is spearheaded by Pedro Peña himself, alongside the second generation and a robust team of leaders in each respective field.

Modest Beginnings

The company's initial office in Urbanización El Capricho was a modest beginning, laying the groundwork for what would become a renowned design studio. By the year 2000, driven by a vision to create a space that truly reflects their design ethos, Pedro Peña relocated to their current headquarters on Marbella’s Golden Mile.

This move was not just a change of location but a significant step towards realising the dream of showcasing their curated selection of furniture and art pieces. Today, Pedro Peña employs nearly a hundred professionals across various disciplines, all dedicated to bringing visionary designs to life.

A Design Destination

Situated in the heart of Marbella, the Pedro Peña showroom stands as a testament to the brand's commitment to innovation and creativity. Known for its dynamic and ever-evolving displays, the showroom attracts visitors from around the globe, eager to experience the latest trends and innovations in interior design. This space is more than just a showroom; it's a destination where art and design converge, showcasing Pedro Peña's unique style and creativity in eclectic environments that captivate and inspire.

Photo of Pedro Peña's showroom

Design Process

Pedro Peña Interior Design is fully committed to each project from start to finish. The process begins with understanding the client's vision and needs, followed by the envisioning of a space that is both unique and functional. Peña's approach is client-centred, focusing on creating a living environment that they can not only be proud of but also truly enjoy living in. This dedication to client satisfaction and attention to detail is what sets Pedro Peña apart in the world of luxury interior design.

Range of Services

Pedro Peña offers an exclusive and tailored interior design service that goes beyond mere decoration. His studio is known for design that is characterised by bold proportions and shapes that merge light and contrast with a warm atmosphere. To achieve this, Peña and his team rely on high-end design firms and exceptional quality materials such as the finest woods and veneers, combined with exclusive fabrics, leathers and elaborately polished metals.

This approach allows for unique environments where an intense yet coherent mix of different Mediterranean styles and influences, such as intense Spanish colours, French sophistication, or Islamic exoticism, can be seen. As a defender of craftsmanship, art, and innovation, Pedro Peña represents the Italian house Boffi in Spain, known for its sustainability, functionality, and exquisite design, among other Italian and international designer brands, as Armani Casa, Exteta, and Henge.

Expect the Unexpected

Pedro Peña is not just an interior designer: the company's clients can also benefit from unique pieces created in their Marbella workshop that produces a limited series of exclusive, handcrafted furniture, drawing on over thirty years of craftsmanship. These pieces, characterised by their innovative design and superior materials, reflect Pedro Peña's commitment to avant-garde aesthetics, featuring vibrant colours and abstract shapes.

In 2018, the company pioneered a division to meld new technologies with interior design, notably enhancing their furniture blending ancient techniques with the latest technology. The studio's expertise in combining rare and innovative materials results in distinctive furniture that stands out for its quality and design. Utilising eco-friendly woods, raw stones, brass, and fine leathers and fabrics, Pedro Peña creates captivating, versatile pieces catering to the tastes of adventurous decorators.

Photo of a Pedro Peña interior design

Notable Projects

Pedro Peña's signature projects reflect a commitment to creating unique, lavish, and functional places where clients can feel comfortable and enjoy every moment. These projects showcase a special blend of Mediterranean styles, achieving harmony with a strong personality and contemporary touch. Each concept is a testament to Peña's ability to listen to and interpret the different needs of the client, designing spaces that are not only aesthetically pleasing but also deeply personal and reflective of the client's lifestyle.

When asked to single out individual projects, he demurs and insists that each project undertaken by his company is approached with the same level of dedication, creativity, and excellence, making it difficult to favour one over another.

"We take pride in all our projects because we consistently excel in every aspect of our service, whether in design or execution." – Pedro Peña

This perspective is rooted in the belief that the value and impact of the work cannot be quantified by comparisons. Instead, Peña takes pride in the unique challenges and achievements each project presents, viewing them as opportunities to excel and push the boundaries of design further.

Client Collaboration and Technology

At the core of Pedro Peña's success is a deep commitment to client collaboration. The design process is a journey of mutual learning, where insights into the client's lifestyle and preferences are exchanged, ensuring that each project reflects the client's vision. This collaborative ethos is enhanced using detailed imagery and physical samples, allowing clients to envision the outcome of their projects.

Technology, particularly innovations in 3D imaging, has revolutionised the way Pedro Peña approaches design. These advancements enable clients to consider designs with an unprecedented level of detail, facilitating the creative process.

Photo of a Pedro Peña design

Sustainability and Future Outlook

Sustainability and eco-friendly design principles have become increasingly important in the company’s projects. Their focus on natural materials and timeless designs contributes to environmental sustainability by extending the lifespan of residences and their contents.

Looking ahead, Peña is excited about the potential for technology to drive innovation in interior design. The company's passion for embracing change and integrating new trends with their design expertise promises further development and more innovation and unique designs.

Design Philosophy

Pedro Peña's design/work philosophy, "Exceed expectations through infinite design and excellence," encapsulates a commitment to surpassing client expectations and achieving excellence in every project. This philosophy drives the company's continued evolution in the luxury sector, ensuring that each space it creates is not just a testament to a design prowess but a space to fall in love with.

Photo of a Pedro Peña interior design

Data Facts:

  • Location: Marbella, Spain, working with projects across the globe.
  • Specialties: Avant-garde interior design, interior architecture, handcrafted furniture production and fine art.
  • Materials Used: Natural stone, fine woods and veneers, elaborately polished metals, brass, exclusive leathers and fabrics.
  • Influences: Embracing the essence of contemporary Mediterranean style infused with a rich tapestry of diverse international and multicultural perspectives, enriched by our global experience.
  • Representation: Armani Casa, Henge, Boffi - Italian kitchens, and Exteta, among other brands.

Pia Arrieta, 08 Apr 2024 - The Professional Series - Inside Marbella Luxury

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