Taller de Arquitectura de Marbella (TAM ATB): Architects of Innovation

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Continuing with our series on individuals and companies leading the vanguard of Marbella’s exclusive real estate sector, The Professional Series,we talk to the architects heading up Taller de Arquitectura de Marbella (TAM ATB). Read on to find out where their journey began and why Marbella is so important to their work, as well as some of their most important projects created on the way.

Taborda arquitectura Marbella
Facundo Taborda, Victoria Gauna, Angel Taborda

A Short Timeline

The Taller de Arquitectura de Marbella (TAM) was established in 1981 by Angel Taborda Britch and Victoria Gauna Maury. They combined forces for more than 30 years and 650,000 sq.m in built projects.

As Victoria moved back to Argentina to expand the firm with a branch in her hometown of Córdoba, the firm entered a new phase with Facundo Taborda Gauna coming on board to collaborate with Angel, marking the beginning of the ATB phase of the company. Subsequently, after Angel Taborda's passing, Facundo returned from a five-year tenure in China to join forces with Victoria Gauna, propelling the firm into its third era, known as TAM ATB.

Their experiences across different continents, from the architectural richness of Morocco to the dynamic urban landscapes of London, Shanghai, and Barcelona, have deeply influenced TAM ATB’s design philosophy, embracing a narrative that is as globally informed as it is locally grounded.

Founders' Passion and Influence

Victoria Gauna's journey from architecture into academia and back demonstrates a multifaceted engagement with the profession, demonstrating the firm’s blend of practicality and theoretical depth. She studied in the Faculty of Architecture in the National University of Cordoba, Argentina.

Angel was an Argentine and Spanish architect, who graduated from the Faculty of Architecture and Urban Planning at the University of Cordoba, Argentina, in 1973. In addition to his architectural work, he was also a painter, sculptor, and jewellery designer.

Facundo Taborda Gauna’s diverse interests, including Ethology and Photography, inspire a unique perspective into the firm’s outlook, adding a creative dimension beyond traditional architectural boundaries.

The Practise was recognised for its architectural achievements with the Gold Medal for Architectural Design from the Marbella Town Hall and won awards in various national and international competitions. One of its notable projects, Meisho Hills, designed and built in 2006, was awarded the Bentley Award for Best Architecture by Bentley International Homes.

Together they designed over 600 buildings, including private homes, clustered housing, commercial buildings, and hotels. Their professional and building relationships extended to Beirut, Natal, Moscow, Budva, Mumbai, Casablanca and Beijing.

Oriental Landscape Headquarters
Oriental Landscape Headquarters

Signature Projects and Architectural Philosophy

TAM ATB has been responsible for landmark projects such as Andalucía Hills, Meisho Hills, Oriental Landscape Head Quarters, TQ City, and the Estadio Plaza de Marbella. Each project underscores the firm's commitment to blending design with the natural and urban environment, pushing the boundaries of architectural innovation.

The firm's renown stems from its departure from regionalism towards a unique narrative that moulds designs to the mountainous terrains of Marbella, guided by a narrative that is both spatial and constructive. TAM ATB’s approach challenges the norm, proving that innovation doesn’t necessarily entail higher costs but rather a more profound creative insight.

Meisho HIlls Marbella
Meisho Hills, Sierra Blanca- Design by TAM ATB

Adapting to Industry Changes and Looking Ahead

TAM ATB has witnessed the transformation of the real estate sector from direct client interactions to the contemporary era of investment funds treating real estate as financial products. Despite the trend towards standardisation and minimalist neo-cubism, TAM ATB remains committed to crafting bespoke architectural solutions that respect and enhance the terrain, offering a diverse range of styles to meet a broad spectrum of demands.

Client Collaboration and Memorable Projects

One of the factors the firm prides itself on most is its ability to collaborate closely with clients, ensuring their visions are fully realised. "We engage in extensive conversations with our clients to obtain a comprehensive understanding of the imagined house," they explain. This approach has led to memorable projects such as Casa Citerion in Nueva Andalucía (2003), a testament to the studio's maximalist phase and a product of synergy between architect and client. Another notable collaboration is the Addoha Headquarters in Casablanca, Morocco (2016), which marked the last project with Angel Taborda Britch, showcasing the firm's capacity to blend diverse cultural influences into their designs.

AD Head Quarters
AD Headquarters

Embracing Technological Advancements

Technological advancements have revolutionised the firm's approach to design.

Parametric design helps with early-stage design interaction, while prefabrication and visualisation technologies improve control and understanding of design details. Adopting Building Information Modelling (BIM) has streamlined the connection between design and construction. "Technology enhances the exclusive lifestyle experience, emphasising spatial and sensory experiences," they note, highlighting the importance of integrating environmental impact studies, home automation, and design versatility into their projects.

Marbella Football Stadium
Project for Marbella's Municipal Stadium

Sustainable by Design

Sustainability is at the core of the firm's design philosophy. They incorporate eco elements from the project's inception, focusing on orientation, solar protection, and the material of building skins. "Our move towards using local materials, Passivhaus standards, and circular construction methods responds to the growing demand for environmentally respectful elements," they affirm.

Architecture Taborda, Marbella
Mubai Sky

Challenges and Luxury in Marbella's Real Estate

The firm navigates the luxury real estate sector's challenges by seeking direct clients to avoid standardisation and engaging with investors open to unique proposals. They argue that luxury in Marbella transcends minimalist cubic volumes, stating, "Luxury is about creating architectural objects that intertwine with the terrain and territory, framing living spaces as unique urban pieces."

Future Trends and Innovations

Looking ahead, the firm is excited by the potential for new concepts, materials, and client needs to drive innovative real estate proposals. They are particularly enthused by emerging trends like coworking, co-living, and senior living, which foster new interpersonal, communal, and associative relationships.

Design Philosophy

Summarising their approach to design and work, the firm starts from, "What if...?" This phrase encapsulates their commitment to exploring the possibilities of design, constantly seeking the optimal vision through innovation and collaboration. "It's the art of exploring different arrangements in search of the optimal version that drives us," they enthuse, underscoring a relentless pursuit of excellence in the dynamic field of luxury real estate.

Taller de Arquitectura de Marbella (TAM ATB): Data Facts

  • Address: Avda. del Prado esq. C/Londres, Urb. Miragolf. Fase III. 33 – 35, 29660, Nueva Andalucía, Marbella
  • Website: TAM ATB
  • Email:
  • Contact Number: 952 81 07 00
  • Year Founded: 1981 by Ángel Taborda Britch and Victoria Gauna Maury, now under the leadership of Victoria Gauna and Facundo Taborda Gauna
  • Location of Projects Carried Out: Primarily in Marbella, Spain, with international projects as well
  • Specialisation: Architectural Design and Innovation, Urban Planning, Sustainability and Ecological Design, Technological Integration in Architecture, Luxury Real Estate, Educational and Cultural Projects, Commercial and Residential Architecture.

Pia Arrieta, 06 May 2024 - The Professional Series - Inside Marbella Luxury

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