Nezha Kanouni – Mastering Natural Elegance in Marbella’s Interior Design Landscape

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In this edition of Inside Marbella Luxury by Diana Morales - Knight Frank in Marbella, we spotlight Nezha Kanouni, a pioneer in Marbella's interior design scene. From her first venture on the Costa del Sol in Estepona to her iconic presence on the Golden Mile, Nezha's journey is a testament to passion and innovation. Join us as we delve into the artistry and vision of one of the leading lights in Marbella’s luxury interior design sector.

Lounge designed by Nezha Kanouni

Who is Nezha Kanouni?

Nezha Kanouni's journey as a decorator in Marbella began in 1998, following with her own name in 2014, establishing her first interiors business at a spacious warehouse in Estepona. This venture eventually evolved into the Nezha Kanouni flagship showroom; an inspirational centre of design excellence located on Marbella's prestigious Golden Mile.

Over the decades, Nezha has brought together a talented team of professionals, each bringing unparalleled creativity, diligence, and commitment to crafting chic interior spaces in the service of their clients. Today, with an eye on the future, Nezha contemplates a new chapter for her brand, envisioning a purpose-built studio that promises to be a testament to her design legacy.

At NK, we prioritise timeless, organic, chic, and elegantly eclectic designs, always staying at the forefront of interior trends. Our conviction in this style, applied throughout decades of evolving trends, has garnered recognition in the luxury real estate realm we service. - Nezha Kanouni

The Origins of Her Passion

Hailing from the city of Rabat, Nezha's Moroccan roots have deeply influenced her design choices. The magic and diversity of Morocco have left an indelible mark on her aesthetic sensibilities. However, it was during her formative years of study in Paris that Nezha truly discovered her passion for design. The city's sophisticated flair and creative atmosphere inspired her to embark on a creative journey, which she continues to this day in Spain.

Dining room by Nezha Kanouni, Villa Auriga

An Impression from Pia Arrieta on Nezha Kanouni:

“Nezha Kanouni offers a benchmark of excellence in Marbella's interior design landscape. Over the years, she has consistently delivered designs that embody an eclectic juxtaposition of chic sophistication and natural luxury. Her ability to weave iconic classics with cutting-edge elements, all while capturing the essence of Marbella's Mediterranean setting and its history of glamour, sets her apart. Her commitment to her clients and her unparalleled design sensibilities have established her as a highly respected figure in Marbella's luxury real estate sector.”

Signature Style and Notable Projects

Nezha takes immense pride in every project she undertakes, be it private residences that demand discretion or commercial ventures like Mamzel, La Plage Casanis, Leone, and MaxBeach. The essence of Nezha Kanouni Interior Design lies in the eclectic blend of natural elements, organic textures, and colours. This "mix & match" approach results in chic, organic sophistication, or what Nezha terms as "natural luxury." Her designs are timeless and seamlessly integrate iconic classics with avant-garde elements, bespoke craftsmanship, and the client's personal inspirations.

Living room designed by Nezha Kanouni

Collaboration and Communication: The Pillars of Her Success

For Nezha, each project embodies a distinct narrative. She champions a tailored approach, diving deep into the nuances of a client's preferences and lifestyle. Open and constructive dialogue stands central to her process, ensuring the client's aspirations are vividly realised. In order to precisely realise her design creativity, her NK Custom brand crafts bespoke furniture to align both her vision and client's requirements.

Embracing Technology and Sustainability

In Nezha's designs, technology is more than just a tool; it's an integral part of modern living. She ensures that her projects are equipped with the latest innovations, tailored to the client's preferences.

Nezha likewise places a strong emphasis on sustainable practices in her work, with her design philosophy deeply valuing the integration of organic, natural materials and textures. Her collaborations with luxury designer brands prioritise eco-friendly materials and responsible production processes.

Living Room by Nezha Kanouni

This dedication to environmentally conscious design is a testament to Nezha's forward-thinking approach, ensuring that her projects not only exude luxury but also resonate with the growing global emphasis on sustainability, crafting a legacy that speaks volumes in every design.

Data Facts: Nezha Kanouni

  • Background: Born in Rabat, Morocco, moving to study design in Paris, France
  • Establishment: First interiors business in 1993 in Estepona; flagship showroom on Marbella's Golden Mile.
  • Notable Projects: Mamzel, La Plage Casanis, Leone, MaxBeach.
  • Design Philosophy: Timeless, natural sophistication with an eclectic flair.
  • Future Prospects: A purpose-built studio in the planning stages.
  • Key Design Elements: Natural materials, organic textures, and sustainable functionality.
  • Website:
  • Address: Blvd. Principe Hohenlohe S/N, C.C. La Poveda Local 1, 29602 Marbella, Spain
  • Email:
  • Telephone: +34 622 640 116
  • Instagram: @nezhakanouni
  • LinkedIn:

Mar Poza, 20 Dec 2023 - Inside Marbella Luxury - The Professional Series

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