Gesmacon – A Unique Approach to Luxury Construction

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Our series of profiles studying the professionals who are shaping Marbella’s luxury real estate sector takes a look behind the architectural landscape of modern Marbella. Today, we're turning the spotlight on Gesmacon, a name that has become synonymous with quality and dedication in Marbella's construction industry.

Aloha Last Green, luxury construction by Gasmacon

For more than three decades, Gesmacon has been building properties that realise dreams at the pinnacle of this exclusive market.

A Distinct Approach to Luxury Construction

In the early '90s, Julio Castro embarked on his journey in the luxury construction sector of Marbella. Beginning his venture in 1994 with a different company where he collaborated with a partner, he drew from his experience founding Gesmacon in 2002, where he took the helm solo. Since its inception, Gesmacon has stood as a hallmark of top-tier construction in Marbella, consistently employing a dedicated team of approximately 50 professionals upholding his dedicated criteria of quality and craftsmanship.

Top of Form

Unlike many construction companies, Julio took the early decision to work only with private clients and not promoters, keeping to a scale that he felt would be better suited to deliver the personalised service he felt was vital in this sector. This offers a commitment to quality that avoids large promotions which, in his opinion, could lead to a compromise of quality for profitability.

Indeed, the company’s ethos is deeply rooted in understanding and adapting to their clients' visions. "Basically, we listen to the client, attend to their requirements, and seek the best technical alternatives for the complex designs we encounter," he states. There is an emphasis on the importance of direct communication with clients, describing projects as "living entities" that evolve to adapt to their physical environment and the varying design proposals presented during their development.

Julio Castro’s perspective on luxury is nuanced and thoughtful. "This depends on the design of each house. Some believe that luxury doesn't have to be ostentatious. Others think it does. Ultimately, the goal should be a harmonious design, emphasising spaciousness and, above all, in a prime location and with enviable views."

Embracing Modern Technology and Sustainability

In an industry where technology is ever-evolving, Gesmacon acknowledges its existence, especially in luxury homes where cutting-edge technologies, albeit expensive, can be best implemented. "It's often the clients themselves who request what they want to incorporate," Julio Castro mentions.

LaCerquilla, construction by Gasmacon

However, when it comes to sustainability, he has a candid, indeed potentially controversial, viewpoint. "Sustainability and ecology have become marketing trends globally. Although we operate in this sector, I believe it's a mistake to label it as sustainable as luxury houses use more than their fair share of energy and water … from our perspective, [talk of sustainability] is just marketing."

A Reflection from Diana Morales

Diana Morales, founder of DM Properties, remarks, "In my years in Marbella, I've seen many construction companies, but Gesmacon distinguishes themselves. Their unwavering commitment to quality, combined with their unique approach to luxury construction, sets them apart. They've been consistent in delivering the highest quality homes that truly fit the Marbella lifestyle. They're not just building houses; they're creating homes that families love. In a place like Marbella, where luxury is a standard, Gesmacon has managed to set themselves apart by simply doing great work, every single time.”

In conclusion, Gesmacon's legacy in Marbella's luxury real estate sector is a testament to the team’s unwavering commitment to quality, client-centric approach, and insightful understanding of luxury that blends traditional values with modern innovation.

Gesmacon: Data Facts

  • Established in partnership: 1994
  • Julio Castro establishes Gesmacon as sole owner: 2002
  • Team: Approximately 50 professionals
  • Specialisation: High-quality construction for individual clients
  • Professional Associations: Member of DOM3
  • Website:
  • Email:
  • Phone: +34 952 78 38 64
  • Address: Calle de Jacinto Benavente, 7 - Edf. Ami, bajo C, 29601 Marbella, Málaga

Pia Arrieta, 22 Dec 2023 - Inside Marbella Luxury - The Professional Series

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