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Located on the sun-drenched Costa del Sol, Marbella’s landscape and infrastructure together present a location that is unsurpassed for lovers of wellness, healthy living and maintaining peak physical shape.The beautiful environment of this region of Southern Spain lends itself to an outdoors, healthy lifestyle, with the enviable climate ensuring activities such as hiking, bicycle and horse riding, sea sports and golf can be enjoyed pretty much all year round.

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Although well known for its luxurious lifestyle, this picturesque seaside resort is not just about opulence and shopping; it's also a hub for health enthusiasts and fitness devotees. We’d like to offer this guide as a compass for navigating the town's wealth of health and wellness options, which are many and varied.

From state-of-the-art sports centres and inspirational yoga studios to dynamic martial arts schools and prestigious tennis clubs, Marbella offers many facilities catering to all levels of fitness and well-being. Whether you're a resident or a visitor, this guide aims to help you discover the perfect balance of physical activity, relaxation, and nutrition in the heart of the Mediterranean. Welcome to a journey of health and vitality in Marbella.

Fitness and Sports Centres in Marbella

Marbella Town Hall has shown a strong commitment to promoting fitness and well-being in the community. This dedication is reflected in the town's investment in sports amenity infrastructure, catering to residents and visitors alike, offering a variety of sports and activities to stay fit and entertained.

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Palacio de Deportes Elena Benítez

Named after the renowned basketball player, this indoor arena in San Pedro Alcántara is a hub for basketball enthusiasts. It also hosts volleyball, indoor football, and gymnastics. With state-of-the-art facilities, it's a popular venue for local tournaments and sporting events.

Polideportivo Paco Cantos

This sports complex is a haven for athletes and sports lovers. It boasts an array of facilities including a swimming pool, tennis and paddle courts, and an athletics track. The centre also offers classes and training sessions in various sports. It features extensive full-size hard courts that cater to basketball, indoor football, volleyball, and mini basketball. Additionally, the complex includes a tennis court, which is also used for pelota and skating activities. Fitness enthusiasts can enjoy a comprehensive fitness circuit, equipped with 20 different exercise stations. For younger visitors, there's a children's playground. The usage fees for these facilities vary depending on the chosen activity. Named in honour of a beloved local mayor, the complex is a popular destination for sports and recreation.

Complejo Deportivo Antonio Serrano Lima

This sports centre boasts a range of high-quality facilities catering to various athletic needs. The complex features a standard artificial grass football pitch, suitable for 11-a-side matches, providing an ideal setting for competitive games and tournaments. Additionally, there are two 7-a-side artificial grass pitches, which are perfect for smaller team games or training sessions. The complex includes a Football-7 artificial grass pitch, specifically designed for seven-a-side games.

The facility also houses an indoor sports hall, a versatile space that can accommodate a variety of sports and activities. Alongside this, there is an indoor sports court, offering athletes a chance to train and compete in a controlled environment.

Completing the array of amenities is a 25-meter indoor pool, catering to swimmers and aquatic athletes. This pool is designed for both training and leisure, providing a top-rate facility for swimmers of all levels.

Supera Sports Centres, Marbella and San Pedro Alcántara

Owned by Marbella Town Hall but managed by Supera, these are two modern sports complexes offering a range of facilities. Both centres feature heated indoor pools, rooms for group activities, cycling and fitness rooms, spa areas, saunas, and solariums. Supera Miraflores has an accessible parking area and a zone for Persons with Reduced Mobility, while Fuentenueva boasts two outdoor summer pools and four paddle tennis courts. Each centre provides various courses, personal training options, and equipment sales, catering to all ages and skill levels.

Centro Deportivo Supera Miraflores:

Centro Deportivo Fuentenueva

Private Centres

As you would expect, Marbella, renowned for its vibrant beachside social scene during the summer, boasts an impressive array of gyms and fitness centres catering to the desire for peak condition, not only during the bustling high season but throughout the entire year. Each has its own style, some places to see and be seen, others for putting in the hard yards in the pursuits of physical perfection! Take your pick, there’s something for everyone.

Puente Romano Health and Fitness

One of the best tennis clubs in Andalucía , the Puente Romano Tennis Club's Fitness Centre allows members and guests to kickstart their day with energising activities like yoga, spinning, or a session with a personal trainer. Following a workout, you can unwind with a Turkish bath or a sports massage.

The gym, equipped with cutting-edge Technogym ARTIS machinery, offers personalised exercise plans through the MyWellness system, overseen by professional instructors. The centre also provides massages, both therapeutic and sports-focused, to relieve stress, correct posture, and aid in injury recovery. Club membership includes access to exceptional tennis facilities and invites to exclusive sports and social gatherings, while golf aficionados will appreciate special privileges at the Marbella Club Golf Resort.

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The I/O

This private health club in Marbella is a relatively new arrival on the Marbella fitness scene, however with 1km2 of space, it can truly lay claim to the offer of ‘something for everyone.’ It is a sanctuary for personal growth, leisure, and self-expression and boasts both indoor and outdoor facilities, top-tier fitness equipment, as well as chill-out areas for relaxation. The club is known for its diverse group fitness classes, including functional movement, high-intensity training, and holistic practices. Members can choose between two types of memberships, each offering unique benefits and exclusive perks.

F45 Training

F45 Training offers group fitness by blending the efficiency and personal attention of certified training with the energy of a community workout. Originating in Australia in 2013, and now with 2,000 studios throughout the world, F45 combines high-intensity interval training (HIIT), circuit training, and functional training into a dynamic 45-minute session.

This unique approach offers a diverse range of over 5,000 exercises and more than 80 different classes, ensuring a fresh and exhilarating experience every time. The workouts are designed to be inclusive, catering to all ages and fitness levels, and no two sessions are the same. F45's philosophy emphasises not just physical fitness but also building a supportive and motivating community, making exercise an enjoyable and life-changing journey.

Apolo Gym Sports Centre

Apolo Gym stands out as a unique fitness centre, offering two locations for your workout needs: Apolo La Colonia in San Pedro Alcántara and Apolo Stark in Nueva Andalucía. These centres are designed to cater to a variety of fitness preferences and styles, ensuring a comprehensive workout experience.

They also specialise in Electrofitness, Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS) to enhance physical performance. The training involves a vest with electrodes, stimulating up to 350 muscles simultaneously. Personal training here is ideal for various goals, including weight loss, postural correction, and injury recovery.

Apolo La Colonia

Apolo Stark

Real Padel Club Marbella

Established in 2008 and now a firm favourite with both locals and visitors, this club offers a blend of indoor and outdoor workout experiences either as a complement to their padel game, or for training on its own. With extensive facilities covering 350m2 indoors and 10,000m2 outdoors, it's a top choice for a variety of activities, including bodybuilding, cardio, tennis, martial arts, and more. The club also features a ninja warrior zone and offers programs for children, making it a family-friendly option.

Photo of Real Padel Club Marbella

Platinum Fitness Marbella

Platinum Fitness, situated in the chic yachting marina of Puerto Banús, is not just a gym but a lifestyle destination for those looking to enhance their fitness, manage their weight, or simply feel and look their best. This expansive facility, covering 2,000m2, is conveniently located near the beach and boasts breathtaking views of La Concha.

Equipped with top-of-the-line Hammer Strength and TechnoGym equipment for strength training, and Life Fitness machines for cardio and indoor cycling, Platinum Fitness is committed to providing a premium workout environment. The centre is known for its immaculate and inviting atmosphere, ensuring a pleasant and effective fitness experience. Additionally, it offers luxury amenities like Ergoline sunbeds and a well-stocked supplement shop featuring renowned brands like Weider and Performance.

The team of professionals at Platinum Fitness is focused on delivering personalised training programs, including virtual spinning classes and diverse group sessions, to help members attain their fitness aspirations.

CrossFit Marbella

CrossFit addicts are well served in Marbella, with several boxes up and down the coast. One of the most established is CrossFit Marbella, open since 2013, with over 550m2 and offering diverse fitness programs, including CrossFit, BeachFit, and HYROX.

The gym's approach to fitness is comprehensive, combining strength, conditioning, and deep stretching in group classes that are suitable for everyone, regardless of their fitness journey. Personal training at CrossFit Marbella is tailored to individual needs and schedules, ensuring a personalised and effective workout experience.

The culture at CrossFit Marbella is one of support and encouragement, fostered by top-class coaches and a welcoming community. Members often speak of the gym as a family, where they find encouragement, motivation, and a sense of belonging. The gym's owner, Richard Ashton, along with coaches Pedro and Adri, are known for their motivational approach and attention to detail, ensuring proper form and technique in every workout.

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Awarded as the Best Gym in Marbella by TripAdvisor in 2021, Synergym Marbella is more than just a gym, it prides itself on creating a vibrant fitness community. With over 150 hours of weekly activities and state-of-the-art facilities spread across 1000m2, it caters to a diverse range of fitness enthusiasts. The gym offers a no-commitment membership, giving the option of flexibility and freedom to its members. Equipped with premium equipment and offering a variety of classes, Synergym Marbella ensures a dynamic and effective workout experience for everyone.

The gym is divided into specialised zones, each designed to cater to different fitness needs. The STAMINA zone is perfect for cardiovascular workouts with its array of high-end machines, while the strength training area focuses on toning and muscle rehabilitation. For those who enjoy group classes, the AGILITY room offers programs like Boompa, Rumble Cross, Flow, and Zumba. The SPEED zone provides an immersive indoor cycling experience, and the CROSS zone is ideal for high-intensity interval training.

Specialised Activities

From some of the best tennis clubs in Spain , to the enormous choice and variety of golf courses, Marbella has a huge range of sports and exercise classes to offer fitness fans. Here we offer a selection of clubs, however, with such a wide range and diversity of sports and wellness centres in the area, it is worth searching if there is an activity or class you are particularly passionate about that isn’t mentioned here!

Yogashala Institute

Yogashala Institute is a haven for wellness and yoga enthusiasts. Offering a diverse range of yoga classes and comprehensive teacher training programs, Yogashala Institute caters to both beginners and experienced practitioners. In addition to regular classes, the institute hosts enriching workshops and retreats, allowing participants to delve deeper into their yoga practice.

The Flow Academy

The Flow Academy specialises in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, offering top-quality instruction to individuals of all ages. In addition to BJJ, they provide yoga, strength conditioning, mobility, flexibility, and unique Art of Flow sessions.

Online courses are available globally, and as well as at the Real Padel Club, Unit 41, and Jiu Jitsu Estepona. The academy focuses on empowering individuals to reach their physical and mental potential, whether they are beginners or seeking competition training. There is also an emphasis on personal growth and a deep connection to the flow of life. For more information, visit The Flow Academy.

EYWA Marbella

Eywamarbella is a Yoga & Healing Centre situated in Puerto Banús, where individuals are encouraged to take a journey of self-discovery and well-being. The centre offers yoga, healing, and wellness services, emphasising the importance of taking care of the body, mind, and soul. Eywamarbella provides various holistic therapies, psychology sessions, and wellness retreats, making it a haven for those seeking relaxation and rejuvenation.

Radiant Yoga Marbella

Lori Sjollema offers a diverse range of yoga styles, including Hatha, Vinyasa Flow, Yin, and Therapeutic Yoga, all set against the beautiful backdrop of Marbella. Lori provides options for private one-to-one sessions, private group sessions, and events. Additionally, Lori offers Massage Therapies either in your home or at their location.

Yoga Retreats are also available, providing opportunities for both solitude and community experiences. Retreats allow time for reflection, prayer, or meditation, offering a profound way to disconnect from daily routines and immerse oneself in the teachings of yoga.

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Pilates Puente Romano

Located at Puente Romano Beach Resort in Marbella, Pilates Puente Romano offers a transformative experience through group and private Pilates classes. This holistic workout is designed to nurture both the body and mind, led by skilled instructors in a new studio equipped with state-of-the-art reformer machines.

Pilates Puente Romano goes beyond standard Pilates classes, as they also offer expert sports performance and recovery private classes tailored to tennis and golf players. These classes focus on enhancing core strength, stamina, flexibility, range of movement, and joint stability.

For those in different stages of life, Pilates Puente Romano provides specialized pre- and post-natal private Pilates classes to promote well-being during and after pregnancy.

Marbella Rugby Club

Marbella Rugby Club is a prominent sports club in Marbella, Spain, known for its strong rugby programs for various age groups and skill levels. Located in the scenic Costa del Sol, it boasts excellent facilities, including professional-grade pitches and a well-equipped clubhouse. The club is active in regional leagues and is a key player in promoting rugby in Southern Spain, often hosting local and international tournaments. With a commitment to community engagement and sportsmanship, it's a vital part of Marbella's sporting landscape.

Photo of people playing rugby

Marbella Football Center

Marbella Football Center, located in San Pedro de Alcántara, Marbella, is a top-tier sporting complex designed to meet the rigorous demands of professional football teams. It stands out as one of the most exclusive sports facilities in Europe, offering excellent conditions for football training. Praised by renowned personalities like Ronald Koeman, Jürgen Klopp, and Fabio Capello, the centre boasts state-of-the-art facilities, including high-quality natural grass pitches, a fully equipped gym, spa, changing rooms, and training material. Its strategic location near hotels and the pleasant weather conditions in Marbella make it an ideal choice for pre-season and training camps.

Club de Hielo

Recently re-opened and a little outside Marbella, the ice rink in Benalmadena is worth a mention due to being unique in Andalucía. Open from October to June, the rink offers a distinctive experience for visitors looking to enjoy ice skating in the region and demonstrates that the Costa del Sol has much to offer outside of the traditional summer months.

Besides the ice rink, the centre is equipped with multiple facilities for various sports activities. It is a great spot for spending an enjoyable afternoon and is also known for its indoor swimming pool and various fitness classes. The Club de Hielo provides a diverse range of indoor sporting activities, not limited to just ice skating, making it a versatile and popular destination for both local residents and tourists in Benalmádena.

Marbella Dance School

Marbella Dance School, a multidisciplinary dance academy, offers a vibrant and diverse environment for dance enthusiasts of all ages and skill levels. Since its inception in 2016, the school has been recognised and certified by UNESCO and the International Dance Council (CID), showcasing its commitment to excellence in dance education. The school provides a wide range of classes including Ballet for all levels, Jazz Dance in various styles, Contemporary Dance, Musical Theatre & Singing, Modern Mix, and Ballet Workout & Progressing Ballet Technique (PBT). These classes are designed to cater to different interests and abilities, ensuring that everyone finds their perfect fit.

Whether you're a beginner or an experienced dancer, the school offers an opportunity to enhance your skills, make new friends, and be part of exciting dance events and workshops.

  • Address: Calle Pirita Nr.10, Marbella
  • Phone: +34 607 474 946 (Cati), +34 628 25 76 46 (Sara)
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